Fred B. Heyn Bernalillo County, New Mexico

Fred B. Heyn, chief deputy sheriff of Bernalillo County, and now a resident of Albuquerque, arrived in the Territory in 1887, coming from Texas. He was born in Wisconsin, where he had learned and followed the machinists trade, and he here engaged in the furniture business with his father, F. W. Heyn, on Railroad Avenue. The father, soon after coming, established a furniture store here, but is now located on a farm six miles from the city, having withdrawn from the furniture trade after two or three years.

After disposing of their furniture business Fred B. Heyn was mechanical engineer for the Crystal Ice Company for six years, and in September, 1905, he was appointed chief deputy sheriff of Bernalillo County by Perfecto Armijo.

Mr. Heyn married Josefa Armijo, a daughter of Arbrosia and Candelario (Griego) Armijo and a direct descendant of General Don Manuel Armijo, the last of the Mexican governors of New Mexico. M. A. Ross, of Albuquerque, timber inspector, has resided in New Mexico for many years, and has become recognized as one of the best authorities on the timber resources of the Territory. His duties have carried him to most of the timbered sections of this part of the country, and his familiarity with the district and his sound judgment in placing a valuation upon timber renders him an exceedingly capable man in the office which he is filling.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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