George P. Learnard Bernalillo County,  New Mexico

George P. Learnard a music dealer of Albuquerque, came to this city and established a music and piano business in 1900 in partnership with Henry G. Lindemann, which relation has been profitably maintained continuously since. A native of Napoleon, Michigan. Mr. Learnard traveled for a number of years for the Ann Arbor Organ Company before coming to New Mexico. He has since figured prominently in musical circles in this city, and in addition to managing a well-equipped store in which a liberal patronage has been secured, he is at present organizing and promoting the Learnard & Lindemann Boys' Band, which, if the plans are successfully carried out, will be an important feature in musical circles of the city and Territory. It is to be composed of about thirty boys between the ages of twelve and eighteen years under the instruction of George Leo Patterson, who is a graduate of Harvard College, and has been a member of various famous musical organizations in the United States.

Not only has Mr. Learnard been prominent and influential in advancing the musical interests of the city, but has also been closely connected with measures bearing upon its government and the shaping of its municipal policy. He has been a member of the city council of Albuquerque for the past two years, and at the last election was re-elected for the succeeding four years. During the past five years Mr. Learnard has been closely associated with the executive committee of the Territorial Fair Association.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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