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Book #1
1894 through 1916

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Book #1 is a project of Janet Wasson, Marcena Thompson and C. W. Barnum.

The Mahoney Mortuary records fill a gap in the Luna County deaths up to 1919 when the State
of New Mexico began keeping death records. Some years of these mortuary records, specifically
1901, 1903, and 1917 to 1925 have missing records. We are indebted to Janet Wasson for this project.

Last            First Mid       POD                   Age             Date      Doctor / Cause          Place of Burial
Bailey          Frank           Columbus                          13 Apr 1894
Leffler         Guss            Deming                36y         19 May 1894   Heart Failure
Aocea           Miguel          Deming                 7m        22 April 1894
Filsham         Rosana          Deming                22y        18 April 1894
Hendricks       Mrs E A         Deming              71y2m25d      21 Dec 1894   Old age
Gonzalaz        Porfiro         Deming                 7y          1 Jan 1895   Dysentry                Deming
Mastic          Virginia        Deming                            20 Jan 1895   Membrane Croup
Coryell         D C             Deming                79y         not entered   Old age                 Home grounds
Horten          unknown         Nutt Station                      27 Feb 1895   Membrane Croup
Wilder          Luke            Deming                76y         13 Mar 1895   Old age
Matteon         Henry           Deming                             2 Mar 1895   Old age
Hemane          Carmel          Deming                18y         16 Mar 1895   Child birth             County
Griffis         D A             Deming                35y         29 Mar 1895   Consumption             Prairie City Iowa
Bullock         Dr  S M         Deming                             3 Apr 1895   Brights disease         Trenton NJ
Klien           Jacob           Youngston Ohio        23y          3 Apr 1895   Consumption             Deming
Gonzales        Solomial        Deming                25y         not entered   Child birth             County
Blake           Samuel E        Deming                38y         15 May 1895   Pneumonia
Domingas        Baby            Deming                 2y         30 Apr 1895   Measels
Tobusha         unknown         Deming                15m          5 May 1895   Measels
Sandoval        Marcelina       Deming                 2y         25 May 1895   Measels                 County
Blake           H. Wayne        Deming              1y11m14d      3 June 1895   Measels
Jones           Katie           Deming               22y7m        1 July 1895                           Deming
Ferguson        Helen           Deming               2m15d        2 July 1895   info Bowles
Bernett         McDaniel        Deming                1y2m        3 July 1895   info Bowles
Taylor          Seth W          Deming                80y         6 July 1895   Old age
Pease           Ethel L         Deming                1m2d        17 July 1895  Cholorea Morbus
McCarthy        Mrs             Deming                            14 Aug 1895   Consumption             Marysville VA
Neal            Elick           Plyas Valley          65y         30 Aug 1895   Consumption             Deming
Wilson          E P             Deming                38y         27 Oct 1895   Consumption             County
Cano            S A             Deming                22y         11 Nov 1895   Heart Disease           Deming
Chaldron        Matean          Deming                37y         16 Nov 1895   Liver Disease           Deming
Olguir          Pos             Deming                35y         17 Nov 1895   Disentery               County
Cheeny          Wm              Las Cruces                        17 Nov 1895   Murdered                Deming
Commins         Michael G       Separ                 50y          2 Dec 1895   Consumption             Deming
Mendoza         Joseph          Deming               1y3m0d       24 Dec 1895   Pneumonia               Deming
MacDonald       R H             Deming                45y         25 Dec 1895   Consumption             County
Wyatt           James           Grant Co.             38y         10 Jan 1896   Irisiflis               Deming
McCarthy        John T          Deming                37y        23 April 1896  Cancer                  Deming
Merk            Fanny H         Deming                65y         28 Mar 1896   Parylis                 Home grounds
Mai             Young           Deming                35y         not entered   Stomach disease         Silver City
Davenport       Frank           Separ Ranch           63y          1 May 1896   Murdered shot           Deming
Marquis         Bartelldos                                         1 May 1896                           County
Spurney         John C                                35y         7 June 1896   Consumption             Deming
King            Isreal          Deming             43y11m13d      13 June 1896  Empyema                 Deming
Mayfield        Mattie          Deming              16y0m12d      15 July 1896  Heart disease           Deming
Pomrey          Wm H            Deming                37y         7 Sept 1896   Consumption             Deming
Mathewson       Johnson alias TqDeming               ?y?m1d       27 Sept 1896                          Deming
Carus           Sadie           Deming                50y         16 Oct 1896   Consumption             Deming
Galloway        Frank M         Silver City                        1 Nov 1896   Shot                    Deming
Tramp           unknown         New Orleans         abt 50y       14 Nov 1896                           Deming
Tramp           unknown                                            4 Dec 1896   Asmi                    County job
Brown           Geo W           Deming                39y          8 Jan 1897   Consumption             Cambridge Ohio
Rose            George Roxie    Deming                45y         10 Jan 1897   Heart failure           Expenses donated
Tracy           child of Jas.   Deming                            24 Jan 1897
Conley          Patrick         Deming               11y6m        28 Jan 1897   Parratonitis
Stewart         J N             Hot air pump                      23 Feb 1897   Shot
Little          unknown         Deming                             4 Mar 1897
unknown         unknown         Rincon                            not entered   Consumption             Deming
Lancaster       unknown         Deming                57y         not entered
Tucker          unknown         Deming                58y       18/19 June 1897 Hernais Strangulation
Boone           Chas            Cook Peak            2y17m        not entered   Summer Complaint
West            Robert          Cook Peak             17y         not entered   Summer Complaint
Taft            Mrs                                               not entered   Consumption
Bratton         unknown         Deming                            not entered   Consumption
Ballard         Joseph          Deming                            not entered   Accident cars
Frankle         unknown         Deming                            not entered   Consumption
Trix            unknown         Deming                            30 Dec 1897   Small Pox
Hopkins         James R         Deming                34y         15 Jan 1897   Pneumonia               Deming
Hodgen          Wm Joseph       Deming               47y2m         8 Mar 1897
Charboneare     M J             Wahoner Ind Ter       27y         28 May 1897   Consumption             Deming
Williams        Catherine                             49y          2 Oct 1897
Leffler         Lewis Bryan     Deming                 2y         26 Dec 1897
Gilbert         A J             Deming                64y         25 July 1897
Van Metor       J H             Deming                40y         29 Dec 1897   Consumption
1898 missing
Fehan, Mother ofMrs Deming      Deming                80y          1 Jan 1899
Sibu            unknown         Illinois              26y         12 Jan 1899   Consumption
Easley          child           Deming                 4y         20 Jan 1899   Burned
Two men         P(r)est home    Deming                            not entered   Small Pox
Lewis           Mrs             Deming                67y         19 Feb 1899   Consumption
McMayfield      Baby            Deming                 2m         19 Feb 1899   Bowel
Swope           Berton          Deming                26y          / May 1899   Consumption
Wilkinson       baby            Deming                 2y          / May 1899   Croup
unknown         unknown         to Canada             27y         14 July 1899  Consumption
White           A T             Texas                 30y         20 July 1899  Croup
Little          Thos            Deming                35y         21July 1899   Small Pox               Pauper
Weaver          D S             Deming                53y         16 July 1899  Bad air in mine
Duran           Adoli           unknown               30y         17 July 1899  Killed by cars          Pauper
Allen           Burton          Deming                12y         26 July 1899  Small Pox
Mexican         Baby            Deming                 2y         28 July 1899  Bowl comp               Pauper
Egger           Cris            Allman CO             32y          18-Jan-00    Suicide                 In SW corner
Clarke          unknown         Pittsburg PA          35y          20-Jan-00    Consumption             Pittsburg PA
Taylor          Jim             Deming                40y          31-Jan-00    Shot                    Deming
Graves          Baby            Cooks                  3y          31-Jan-00                            Cooks
Boone           unknown         Mimbres               81y          12-Feb-00    Old age                 Mimbres
Mexican         Child           Deming                 3y          12-Feb-00    unknown                 Pauper
Baker           Sarah E.        Deming                72y          18-Feb-00    Old age                 Deming
Faust           H               Deming                40y          23-Mar-00    Well caved-in           Deming
Some 1901       missing                                                                                 Deming
Pachaco         Mrs             Deming                83y           1-Apr-00    Old age                 Deming
Hall            Peter Stewart   Deming                70y           2-Jan-01    Old age
Martin          Jas W           Deming                56y           8-Mar-01    Pneumonia               Deming
Hall            Laura E         Deming                66y          11-Mar-01    Old age                 Deming
LeMaster        H F             Hachita               53y           1-Jan-02    Consumption
Deamer          John            Deming                49y           2-Jan-02    Dropsy
Carey           Joe             Mt Pleasant MI        16y          21-Jan-02    Consumption
Tomlin          infant          Deming                10d          29-Jan-02
Bilton          Lizzie          Memphis TN            17y          29-Jan-02    Consumption
Little          Robert          Columbus TX           24y          15-Feb-02    Consumption
Cotton          Wm              Deming                58y          16-Feb-02    Brain Trouble
Bryon           J P             Deming                58y          21-Feb-02    Pneumonia
Sigler          A G             Croydon KY            30y          12-Mar-02    Consumption
Harriott        Joseph          Deming                29y           4-Apr-02    Consumption
Swope           Morgan          Deming                61y          14-Jun-02    Consumption
Harrington      Sophie          Deming                39y          10-Aug-02
1903 missing
Cox             infant dau      Deming                10d           1-Jan-04    Sick at birth           Deming
Darbimple       Mrs             Deming                66y           9-Jan-04    Grippe                  Deming
Edwards         Mrs             Deming                40y          11-Jan-04    Consumption             Ship to TN
Cox             Robert          Jct MO                22y          12-Jan-04    Consumption             carl Jct MO
Billingsley     John            Deming                30y          28-Jan-04    Consumption             Deming
Blaine          Brokely W       Arrington VA          35y          29-Jan-04    Consumption             Deming
Mastic          Owen B          Clifton Az            26y           1-Feb-04    Accident cars
Mexican         unknown         Deming                78y          14-Feb-04    Old age
Andozola        unknown         Mimbres               40y          22-Feb-04    Bright Disease          Mimbres
Ochoa           child           Deming                 2m           8-Mar-04    Cancer                  Deming
Grenada         Sister's Mother Deming                60y         not entered                           Deming
Simmons         Roland          Taylor TX             30y          16-Mar-04    Consumption             Deming
Bass            Mrs John        Lake Valley                        18-Mar-04    Consumption             Pratt KS
Gurney          Walter H        Deming                33y          12-Apr-04    Pneumonia               Deming
Wyman           Helen           Deming                12y          17-Apr-04    heart                   Deming
Whitsett        W A             Reidsville NC         38y          29-Apr-04    Consumption             Reidsville NC
Garcia          M               Deming                              7-May-04                            Deming
Hicks           Mrs L           Deming                24y          28-Apr-04    Child birth             Deming
Kuff            Earnest         Cooks                 58y           1-Jun-04    unknown                 Deming
Mannell         Child           Deming                 3m           6-Jun-04                            Deming
Beaton          P J             San Francisco         27y           3-Jun-04    Steed Consumption       San Francisco
Dougherty       Jno             Farmington MO         24y          20-Jun-04    Moir Consumption
Deardorff       Hugh            Circleville KS        31y          11-Aug-04    Steed Consumption       Circleville KS
Harris          Gilbert C       Deming                 2y         not entered   Steed Accident
Upton           Lena            Deming                17y          28-Jul-04    Steed Typhoid
Graham          Rosana          Exhumed              infant        27-Jul-04
Kieff           Earnest         Cooks                 58y          31-May-04    None Poisining
Potter          J W             Deming                45y           6-Oct-04    Rexford Typhoid
Martin          Barney          Deming                58y           7-Dec-04    Cassell Pneumonia
Connelly        Patrick         Deming                56y           7-Dec-04    Steed Pneumonia
Anderson        Chas G          Douglas               37y           3-Aug-04
Allard          John G          Deming                70y          29-Dec-04    Michael Old age
Mately          Mathey          Versailles MO                      28-Dec-04    Steed Pheumonia
Shaw            Henry           Deming                             10-Jan-05    None Shot               Deming
Cann            L               Tres Piedres                       13-Jan-05    Cassell Appoplexy
Nelson          Mrs             Santa Rita NM         30y          15-Jan-05    Swope Ependictitis      Silver City
Schvickle       Mollie          Warrington OH         28y           1-Feb-05    Moir Consumption        Warrington OH
Baumgartner     Mrs Henry       Herman MO             24y           5-Feb-05    Moir Consumption        Hermann MO
Hevering        Chas            St Louis MO           40y          14-Feb-05    Moir Consumption        San Francisco
Boyle           Ford W          San Francisco         35y          22-Feb-05    Steed Menningitis       Deming
Marruffo        Child of Rosa   Deming                             28-Feb-05    Steed Menningitis       Deming
Guzman          Agapeto         Deming                              4-Mar-05    None Shot               Deming
Buillings       Mrs Walter      Sterling KS                         7-Mar-05    Steed Consumption       Deming
Wharton         Ella            Deming                69y          12-Apr-05    Steed                   Deming
Foster          Mrs J W         Deming                              3-May-05                            Deming
Johnson         Mrs J C         Deming                39y           4-May-05    Moir                    Deming
Taylor          Mrs Margaret E  Deming                76y         not entered                           Deming
Keith           N J             Deming                54y           8-Jun-05                            Deming
Ballard         B E             McPherson KS          22y          19-Jun-05    Swope Consumption       McPherson KS
Brown           Tom             Mimbres                            20-Jun-05                            Mimbres
Stewart         C H             Tucson AZ                           7-Jul-05    Suicide                 Deming
Johnson         Infant of JG    Deming                              8-Jul-05                            Deming
Vello           F               Deming                             18-Jul-05    Bro. H Meyez
Gomez           Bentuvia        Deming                             18-Jul-05
Curry           A L             Benton AR             44y          26-Jul-05    Ellerbrock Consumption  Benton AR
Rott            James           Chicao IL             30y           3-Aug-05    Steed Consumption       Chicago IL
Bosworth        Madaline                              26y          12-Aug-05    Steed Consumption       El Paso TX
Dilldall        J M                                                 1-Sep-05
Ellerbrook      Dr C F          Baltimore MD          30y           1-Sep-05    Steed Consumption       Baltimore MD
Smith           Mrs T T         Deming                33y           1-Sep-05    Moir Obstruction Bowell Deming
Molino          Jesus           Deming                              8-Sep-05                            Deming
Martinez        Lucas           Deming                             20-Sep-05    By Switch Engine        Deming
Larncon         Mrs V B         Deming                             24-Sep-05    Consumption             Deming
Dias            son of Juan     Deming                16y          26-Sep-05                            Deming
Johnson         Infant Wm       Deming                 6m          27-Sep-05    C Infantum              Deming
Cauffinan       Mrs Richard F   Rabb ranch                         29-Sep-05    Consumption             Deming
Lester          Sophia H        Deming                              6-Oct-05    Steed Tumor             Deming
Bailey          unknown                               41y           6-Oct-05    Swope Consumption       County
Condit          John            Deming                              6-Oct-05    Moir                    County
Osmer           Mrs N                               21y7m2d         6-Oct-05    Typhoid                 Deming
Swanson         Critt S                                             3-Nov-05    TB
Bell            John            Tekonsha MI           35y          11-Nov-05    By Accident             Ft Batard
Retel           Adam            Kingston OH           45y          16-Nov-05    Swope TB                Tekonsha MI
Simon           Louis           El Paso TX            33y          22-Nov-05    On train TB             El Paso TX
Richardson      Fred            Boonville NY          42y          22-Nov-05    Swope TB                Boonville
Sheran          Mrs             Kaukakee IL           30y           1-Dec-05    Moir TB                 Kaukakee IL
Penson          Chas infant     Deming                              6-Nov-05    Steed
Deckerd         Pearl           Malton IL             22y           4-Dec-05    Steed TB                Maltoon IL
Rowlewy         L J             Gage NM               39y         14 Dev 1905   Crocker TB              Hastings MI
Thomas          Mrs H E         Elkhart IN            62y          23-Dec-05    On train TB             Elkhart IN
Lester          Laura           Deming                17y          23-Dec-05    Stoval Heart disease
Gatewood        Thos B          Deming                              1-Jan-06    Stoval DT               Deming
Collins         unknown                                            20-Jan-06
Davis           Jeptha          Clarksvill IN         44y          20-Jan-06    Strong TB               Clarksville IN
Kupper          Paul            Deming                             13-Feb-06    Steed                   Deming
Keith           Ruth            Deming              1y10m29d       21-Feb-06    Steed                   Deming
Stecker         HM              Deming                             23-Feb-06                            Deming
Redding         R               Deming                             11-Mar-06    Suicide                 Deming
Garcia          Juanita         Deming                             25-Apr-06    Child                   Deming
Gage            Claude          Manchester MI                      26-Apr-06    Steed TB                Grass lake MI
Duff            U F             Deming               40y8m         29-Apr-06    Strong Shot             Deming
Russell         Mary F          Deming                45y           8-May-06    TB                      Deming
Franks          Infant R        Deming                             10-May-06    Stoval                  Deming
Raymond         H E             Deming                              6-May-06                            Deming
Keller          L I             Wenatcher WA                       15-May-06    Steed TB                Deming
Keith           A A Mrs         Deming                             22-Jun-06    Steed heart             Deming
Baker           Wm              Deming                81y         19 Jult 1906  Stoval S D              Deming
Allison         Jno Mrs         Deming                             26-Jul-06    Steed Dropsy            Deming
Milliken        Frank R         Deming                64y           9-Aug-06    Stoval Heart            Deming
Cain            John M          Deming              55y3m25d        4-Sep-06    Steed Borghts           Deming
Whitehill       H H             Silver City           59y           8-Sep-06    Stoval Nephritis        Silver City
Williamson      C J             NY                                 25-Dec-06    Steed TB                County
unknown         unknown         Gage NM                            15-Nov-06    Killed at Gage          County
Hermanez        Pablo           Gage                               22-Dec-06    Mine accidient          County
Bolick          Alice           Deming              15y7m29d       14-Dec-06    Long Beach CA Diabetis  Deming
Ward            T Loss G        Deming              44y8m26d       13-Sep-06    Stoval Stomach          Deming
Gilbert         Robert          Dayton NM             78y         not entered   Heart                   Dayton NM
Chase           E M Child       Deming                             13-Sep-06
Whitmore        Jacob                               55y3m25d       10-Sep-06    Stovall Alcoholism      Deming Disenterred 2/29/08
Randall         Claude          Bisbee AZ                           7-Jan-07    Accident cars           Deming
Hyatt           Mary J Mrs      Deming                             26-Jan-07    Moir Stomach            Deming
Trainor         W E             Chicao IL                          25-Jan-07    Died at Faywood TB      Chicago IL
Lierheimer      Chas            Deming                             13-Feb-07    TB                      Deming
Davis           Ed              Belleflaine KS                      9-Feb-07    TB                      Belleflaine KS
Harrison        Mildred         Deming                 2y          15-Feb-07                            Deming
Caslim          Dennis          Syracuse                           20-Feb-07    TB                      Syracuse NY
Revas           Nestar          Deming                             27-Feb-07                            County
McAlfrin        Lemos Dr        Los Angles            40y          28-Feb-07    TB                      Los Angeles Creamated
Lawrence        Miss Georgia    Deming                22y           5-Mar-07    TB                      Deming
Kendall         W E infant      Deming                              1-Mar-07
Reed            francis Infant  Deming                            not entered                           Deming Indiana people
Watkins         Frank           Deming              24y1m7d        12-Mar-07    Shot
Jackson         Tom             Silver City           12y          24-Mar-07                            Deming shot at ranch
Buckalew        Wm F            Ft Bayard                          20-Apr-07    TB                      Silver City
Navarette       Sabino          Deming                              3-May-07    Fall off bridge         Ft bayard
Fisher          infant          Deming                              2-Jun-07                            Deming
Herlacker       Irene           Deming                 9y           9-Jun-07    Scarlet fever           Deming
Veal            Wm A            Colorado NM           33y          30-Jun-07    Shot                    Deming
Barnes          J P             Deming                61y           5-Jul-07    Steed cerebral Hemm.    Deming
Smith           Mayner Mrs      Deming                              7-Jul-07    Swope TB                Victoria TX
Bassett         W E             Deming                40y           7-Aug-07    Swope TB                Washington IN
Hodges          Infant          Deming                6d?          18-Aug-07                            Steins NM
Graham          W J             Deming                1y4m          9-Aug-07    Drowned                 Deming
Carnahan        Rosco child     Deming                             23-Aug-07                            Deming
Martin          Halcyon Miss    Brookville Ks         30y          27-Aug-07    TB                      Brookville KS
Coursey         L C             Deming                             29-Aug-07    Steed TB                Deming
Field           Searman         Deming                              1-Sep-07    Moir S.Debility         Deming
Thomas          Jas W           Faywood                            11-Sep-07    Suicide shooting        Deming
Tiffin          Dr john         St Louis                           14-Sep-07    TB                      Greenwell IL
Higdon          ruth            Deming                             29-Sep-07    TB                      Deming
Bburfiend       mary            Bellingham WA                       8-Oct-07    TB                      Deming
Hudson          Mrs L           Deming                              4-Oct-07    TB                      Huntsville Al
Morriss         Burton E        Deming                             13-Oct-07    TB                      Stanton VA
Burwell         Eileen          Huntsville AL                      14-Oct-07    TB                      Deming
Profst          C H             Stanton VA                         15-Oct-07    TB                      Mimbres
Mendoza         D               Gage                               25-Oct-07    Shot County             Deming
Goforth         Wm              Mimbres                             1-Nov-07                            Mimbres
Raithel         Chris Sr        Deming                              7-Nov-07    Stomach disease         Deming
unknown         Mexician        Gage                                3-Nov-07    Accident cars           Deming
Moore           D Z             Deming                             22-Nov-07    Swope cancer            Deming
Bastain         Anna Miss       Austin TX                          22-Nov-07    TB                      Austin TX
Faulkner        J J             Deming           d. Nacozar Mex    30-Nov-07    Phneumonia              Deming
Hermanez        Lillie          Osage City KS                      13-Nov-07    Heart disease           Osage City Harvey House
Hatden          Mrs Isabell     El Paso TX                         27-Nov-07    TB                      Deming
Boggs           Carrie E        Spencer W VA                       1 Dev 1907   TB                      Spencer W VA
Brounston       Ed W            Indianapolis                       22-Dec-07    TB                      Indianapolis
Johnson         Dorothy G       Deming                             13-Dec-07                            Deming
Milliken        Miss Nora       Deming                             25-Dec-07    Stoval Bowell           Deming
Tyrell          Wm P            Atlantic GA                        26-Dec-07    Barber TB               Atlanta
Flores          Jesus           Columbus NM                        18-Nov-07                            Deming
Formhals        Carl M          Ottowa IL             49y           7-Jan-07    TB Moir                 Ottowa IL
Mastick         Mrs Ella J      Deming                              8-Jan-07                            Deming
                                (note died      Falls River O.)
Burk            Joseph          Deming                             12-Jan-07                            Deming
Amador          Martin          Gage                               13-Jan-07    Hanged                  Deming
Milligen        Wm              Deming                             13-Jan-07    SD Steed                Deming
Vaughn          Mrs E N         Deming              72y10m8d       21-Jan-07    SD Moir                 Deming
Brown           Lou H           Deming                50y          27-Jan-07    Pneumonia               Deming
Ready           Mrs J P         Deming                              9-Feb-07    La Grippe               St Louis MO
Woman           Mexican         Deming                             12-Feb-07                            Deming
Barfoot         Mrs             Deming                             23-Feb-07    Rheumatism Moir         Deming
Whitmire        Jacob           Deming                55y         29 Feb 1907   Alcholism Stovall       San Jose CA
Baldwin         G D             Seymour IN            23y         29 Feb 1907   TB Swope                Seymour IN
Russell         Child           Chapman Ranch          2y           9-Mar-07    Steed                   Deming
Bush            F L             Lordsburg              2y          16-Mar-07                            Beloix WS
Bouchmer        C               Michigan              42y          16-Mar-07    TB Steed                Michigan
Mexican         unknown         Deming                             21-Mar-07                            Deming
Carney          Grace           Seward PA             21y          25-Mar-07    TB Sreed                Seward PA
Redding         Mrs Richard F   Deming                              2-Apr-07    Drowned                 Deming
Nicholson       Thos            Deming                30y           6-Apr-07    TB                      Deming
Lee             (remains moved tSilver City)                        6-Apr-07                            Deming
Edwards         C               Deming                              4-May-07    TB                      Deming
Gray            Mrs             Deming                37y           4-May-07    TB                      Deming
Houston         Mary            Burlington J MO       37y           5-May-07    TB                      Burlington J MO
Chavez          G               Deming                             10-May-07    Stabbed                 Deming
Clarke          J G             Deming                71y          13-May-07    Burned Swope            Deming
Henry           C E             Deming                40y           1-Jun-07    TB                      Deming
Harvey          O R             Deming                40y           3-Jun-07    TB Moir                 Deming
Gomerlin        Infant          Deming                              3-Jun-07                            Deming
Thurmond        Frank           Deming                67y           4-Jun-07    Cancer Swope            Deming
Kinyon          Infant          Deming                             20-Jun-07                            Deming
Cox             Frank Infant    Hondale                            28-Jun-07    Barber                  Deming
Peterson        H A             Albuquerque           23y           6-Jun-07    Killed by train         Albuquerque
Mills           Ray R           Ft Bayard                           9-Jun-07    TB                      Ft Bayard
Young           R G             Opelika AL            25y           8-Jun-07    TB                      Opeleka OK
Mayfield        Newt. Infant    Deming                10d          24-Jun-07                            Deming
Chavez          Pedro           Deming                             15-Aug-07                            Deming
Shakespear      Mrs Geo         Deming                70y          19-Aug-07                            Deming
Colson          Mrs J K         Cambray                            20-Aug-07    Moir                    Deming
Eller           C C             Hermanas                           21-Aug-07    Heart Disease           Deming
Allen           Joe             Deming                              3-Sep-07    Fever Moir              Deming
Powell          E B             Deming                39y           9-Sep-07    TB Moir                 Deming
Mexican         Child           Cambray                            12-Sep-07    Smallpox                Deming
Coleman         Jno Infant      Deming                37y          12-Sep-07                            Deming
Dickerson       Minnie          Deming                29y          14-Sep-07    TB Steed                Silver City
Cartwell        A D             Santa Ana CO                       10-Oct-07    TB Steed                Santa Anna
Cooney          Bridget Mrs     Deming                82y          28-Sep-07    Old age Barber          Deming
Williams        Mary A          Deming                             16-Oct-07    Old age Steed           Deming
Cooke           Chapman         Deming                59y          31-Oct-07    heart failure           Deming
Parish          Carl M          Branson MO            25y            Nov-07     TB Barber               Branson MO
Piffian         B E             Sumwall MS            30y            Nov-07     T B Barber              Sumerall MS
Ament           Chas A          Deming                49y          15-Dec-07    Suicide                 Deming
Hamblin         Sarah E         Deming                             15-Dec-07                            Deming
Evans           Frank           Deming                45y           1-Jan-08    Killed Swope            Calloway NB
Oroseo          Mother of Joe   Deming                              4-Jan-08
Garcia          Child           Deming                              9-Jan-08
Gooch           James E         Hondale               29y          19-Jan-08    TB
Scarborough     Mollie A        Los Angles            18y          24-Feb-08
Coons           Mrs Frank       Lordsburg                          27-Jan-08    TB Crocker              Lordsburg
Young           W S             Deming                26y           9-Mar-08    Pneumonia               Deming
Morse           Val B           Houstinville KY                     9-Mar-08    TB                      Houstinville KY
McMullen        Jerry           Greensburg PA                      20-Mar-08    Shot by train crew      County
Mexican         unknown         unknown                            15-Feb-08    Shot by Smith at Camray County
Chacon          M               unknown                            30-Apr-08    Suicide                 Deming
Larson          Louise          Deming                             14-Mar-08    Throat trouble Steed    Deming
Douglas         Lela            Deming                             21-Feb-08    Diabetis Steed          Deming
Mann            Mrs Fannie      Faywood                            24-Mar-08                            Deming
Miller          Keller          Hillsboro NM                       15-Apr-08                            Deming
Watkins         Katherine       Deming                             25-Mar-09    Throat trouble Steed    Deming
Peterson        Maud            Deming                             26-Apr-08    Throat trouble Moir     Deming
Hughes          R M             Deming                             26-Apr-08
Cavierro        M child         Deming                             24-Apr-08    Throat trouble Moir
Mendez          F               Deming                             30-Apr-08    Suicide at jail
Bacigalupe      Jas C           San Francisco                       6-May-08    TB Steed
Peters          Bessie          Deming                              7-Mar-08    Throat trouble Moir
Hodgdon         Jane            Gage                               3/30?/1908   Pneumonia Swope
Bosworth        child           Gage                               21-May-08
Knowles         Mamie A Mrs     Deming               46y8m         29-May-09    Operation El Paso       Deming
Baugh           Charles R       Deming                42y           8-Jun-09    Thrown from horse       Deming
Doherty         J P infant      Hondale                            12-Jun-09    Brain trouble           Deming
Cox             Frank infant    Hondale                            12-Jun-09                            Deming
Allison         John H          Deming              62y1m3d         7-Jul-09    TB Steed                Deming
Bowler          Eva A           Pomona                32y          29-Jul-09    Dysentary Swope         Pomona
Thorpe          Chas            Mimbres River                      13-Aug-09                            Deming
Tichenor        Elizabeth Mrs   St Louis MO           79y          25-Aug-09                            Deming
Berry           W infant        Deming                             18-Sep-09                            Deming
Swope           Louisa M        Deming              69y4m24d       30-Sep-09    Swope                   Deming
Peoples         Dennis          Cooks                 58y          10-Oct-09    TB Stovall              Cooks
Lung            Sam             China                              16-Oct-09                            China
Taylor          at Engle        Silver City                        26-Nov-09    Shot                    Silver City
Eitreim         Paul            Rincon                18y          29-Dec-09    Typhoid                 Deming
Hannigan        Robert          Deming                79y          15-Dec-09    Kidney trouble El Paso  Deming
Stewart         John A          Humbolt KS            22y           1-Jan-10    TB Steed                Humbolt KS
Johnson         Chas A          Sioux City IA         57y           8-Jan-10    TB Moir                 Sioux City IA
Bernard         Mrs M A         Deming                83y          14-Jan-10    Penumonia Barber        Dallas TX
Simpson         W C infant      Deming                             14-Jan-10    Heart failure           Deming
Lapham          Joseph          Deming                57y           4-Jan-10    TB Swope                Deming
Melenudo        Trieud          Deming                16y          16-Jan-10                            Deming
Lundgren        Henry           Steins                72y           1-Feb-10    Brights Barber          Deming
Martin          Jas infant      Deming                15m           3-Feb-10    Pneumonia Moir          Deming
Newcomb         Mrs Annie       Carne NM                            9-Feb-10    TB                      Deming
Doughtie        J Hunter        Deming                23y           7-Mar-10    Pneumonia Steed         Deming
Torres          Clement         Deming                             16-Apr-10    Shot by Jim Hughes      Deming
Preusser        Judge J G       Deming                83y          17-Apr-10    Old age                 Deming
Fiske           Anna J          Schenectady NY        50y          25-Apr-10    TB Moir                 Scheneotady NY
Hurt            Edgar           Deming                13y           4-May-10    Rheumatism              Deming
Gaylord         Mrs Annie       Deming                            not entered   TB
Frisbee         Child           Deming                             21-May-10    Scarlet fever Steed
Lawrence        E E             Deming                1y6m         21-May-10    Poision
Malcom          Geo A           NY                    24y          22-May-10    TB Steed                NY
Bryant          W E                                                31-May-10    Alcoholism Steed        Deming in Jail
Tidmore         Mary E          Deming                52y           4-Jun-10    Cancer Steed            Deming
Graham          Harry           Deming                              8-Jun-10    Poisioning              Deming
Carr            Thos A          Deming              65y2m2d        19-Jul-10    Brain trouble Steed     Deming
Dunson          Lillian J Mrs   Deming                35y          23-Aug-10    TB El Paso              Deming
Colt            W B             Hondale                            27-Aug-10    TB                      Deming
Bryant          W E                                                30-Jun-10    County                  Deming
Woodward        C E             Houston TX            31y          30-Aug-10    TB                      Houston TX
Reyes           E child         Deming                             31-Jul-10                            Deming
Glenn           Thos J          Silver City           49y           7-Oct-10    Suicide                 Camarillo CA
Click           John A          Cambray             16y8m8d        17-Nov-10    Accident cars           Deming
Gould           Oliver A        Lake Valley           33y          30-Oct-10    Rheumatism Stoval       Pittsburg PA
Veal            Mrs             Deming                             30-Oct-10                            Deming
Rutland         A F             Deming                80y          22-Nov-10    Swope                   Deming
Kemp            L A Mrs         Hondale               55y          29-Nov-10    Alcholism?              Deming
Guernon         Wm              Deming                             30-Nov-10    Steed                   Deming
Burney          W R             Deming                50y           2-Dec-10                            Deming
Wren            J C             Deming                53y           3-Dec-10    Pneumonia               Deming
Butler          Willis          Deming               16y7m         11-Dec-10                            Deming
O'Neal          Jno B           Deming             17y11m21d        9-Dec-10                            Deming
Clarke          Mrs D           Deming              75y1m2d         8-Dec-10    Senility Pneumonia      Deming
Milliken        Mrs             Deming                            not entered                           Deming
Stowe           Mrs H W         Bermingham            28y          11-Dec-10    TB                      Birmingham
McKeyes         Mrs B Y         Deming                             24-Dec-10    Swope                   Deming
Wrinkle         H H                                                28-Dec-10                            Deming
Wren            Carrie May      Deming                3y9m          3-Dec-10                            Deming
Blocker         Anna            Deming                26y           2-Jan-11    TB Moir                 Crown Point IN
Bonhom          S J Mrs         Deming                65y           4-Jan-11    Steed                   Findlay OH
O'Neal          Frank           Kansas City           24y          13-Jan-11    Accident cars           Kansas City KS
Thompson        L R Mrs         Greenville AL         33y          23-Jan-11    TB Moir                 Greenville AL
Sexton          unknown         Walla Walla WS        50y           9-Apr-11                            Walla Walla WS
Tilley          E J Mrs         Deming                33y          13-May-11                            Caldonia NY
Barnaky         Lundon P                              20y          17-May-11                            Hastings MI
Hardwick        Lee r                                1y15d         14-May-11                            Shreveport LA
Shaw            Fredricka                             15m          15-May-11                            Starkville MS
Cox             Wm H            Kingston NM           45y          11-Aug-11    TB                      Denver CO
Taylor          Wm H            Douglas AZ            76y          13-Aug-11    Dysentry                Deming
Cain            J M Mrs         Los Angles            60y          15-Dec-11                            Deming
Watson          Mary D P Mrs    San Francisco         73y          17-Jan-12                            San Francisco
McDaniel        U E             Deming                54y          11-Feb-12                            Deming
Pendelton       Sanford H                                          20-Feb-12                            Deming
Bergin          Mrs                                   70y           6-Mar-12                            Dana IL
Tidwell         Elizabeth       Deming                42y          16-Mar-12                            Deming
Inman           Roy             Deming                             26-Feb-12    Accident Swope          Krum TX
Doak            Mrs M A                               63y          20-Jan-12
Cane            Mrs John        Los Angles            60y           6-Dec-12    Appoplexy A.Patterson   Deming
Graham          Henry J         Deming                56y           8-Mar-12                            Deming
Childs          L A Mrs         Deming               46y8m          9-Sep-12                            Deming
Pacheco         Lulu                                15y7m29d        7-Feb-12                            Deming
Burlea          Florentina                            78y          20-Jan-12                            Deming
Anderson        Geo A                                 49y           8-Apr-12                            Deming
Holliman        Joseph          Deming              67y5m14d       14-Mar-12                            Deming
DeLong          William         Deming                70y          14-Mar-12                            Deming
Pierce          Charles A       Deming              33y11m3d        5-Oct-12                            Deming
Fowler          Child of R A    Deming                              5-Oct-12                            Deming
Beach           Geo A           Deming                              3-Oct-12                            Deming
Kouglan         Child           Deming                1y3m          3-Oct-12                            Deming
Hall            Thomas          Deming                47y          17-Nov-12    Gun shot wound          Deming
Greer*see story John (Franklin) Deming                30y          17-Nov-12    Gun shot wound          Carrizozo by train
Smithers        A L             Deming                30y          17-Nov-12    Gun shot wound          Amarillo
Carson          Lou             Deming              78y4m19d        5-Feb-12                            Deming
Arthurs         Pike            Deming                             23-Feb-12                            Ft Scott KS
Wheelock        Mrs Ed          Deming                              1-Mar-12    TB                      Hot Springs
Drummond        Mrs Hattie      Deming                40y           2-Mar-12    Brights disease         Horne IL
Holt            Maud            Deming                22y          14-Mar-12                            Hebeonica MO
Piersoll        Isabella        Hatch                 42y          14-Mar-12                            Hatch
Swartz          E J daughter    Swartz                             16-Mar-12
Street          T Loss G        Deming                40y           5-Apr-12    Fell in well            Los Angles
Hudson          R               Deming                73y          16-Apr-12    Old age                 Deming
Gates           Thompson A      Deming                24y          22-May-12                            Deming
Coons           Mrs W W         Ray Az                27y          19-Jun-12    Child birth             Deming
Sloan           James R         Deming                             21-Jul-12
Hund            Clara           Deming                65y          21-Oct-12                            Ventura CA
Watkins         Geo J Jr        Deming              20y1m25d       10-Nov-12    Spinal Mengitis         Deming
Westfall        J P             Deming                53y          22-Dec-12                            Crossville Il
Scoville        Mrs Mae         Deming                34y          16-Dec-12    Reid                    Chester NB
Meeks           J C             Deming                             17-Dec-12
Nordhaus        Henry L         Deming                56y          29-Dec-12    Asthma Swope            Deming WOW
Last            First Mid       POD                   Age             Date      Doctor / Cause          Place of Burial
Ysugawo         I. Japanese     Deming                              4-Jan-13    TB Steed                Deming
Darling         Daniel C        Deming                28y          10-Jan-13    RR Accident             Mapleton KS
Tarazon         Mrs Vidal       Deming                             10-Jan-13    Heart Disease           Deming shipped
Parks           Jas Robert      Deming               1y8m2d        13-Jan-13    Erysefalas              Masoconic Sec El Paso
Dannse          L O             Iola                               15-Jan-13    Suicide by shooting     "
Goff            O J             Imoden AR             35y          20-Jan-13    TB Steed                Imboden AR
Toats           Child of Alec.  Deming                             22-Jan-13                            Deming
Dollins         J H             Deming                             25-Jan-13    TB Steed                Masonic Sec
Killings        Mrs H G         Deming                             28-Jan-13    TB Steed                Deming
Phillips        Mrs L B         San Simon AZ          24y          29-Jan-13    Locked Bowels           San Simon
James           T G             Lordsburg                           1-Feb-13    heart failure           Tyler TX
Allis           Thos M          Syracuse NY           23y           9-Feb-13    Diabetis                Los Angles
Delgado         Son of Lolo     Deming                25y          15-Feb-13    TB Steed                Deming
Taylor          Dan W           Rincon                             19-Feb-13    Heart failure           Deming
Rosalier        Rosa            Spaulding Ranch                    19-Feb-13                            Spaulding Ranch
Ragsdale        Annie           Cooks                              20-Feb-13    Suicide at Cooks        Deming
Doyle           Hazel           Deming                             21-Feb-13    TB Steed                Deming
Lavatarco       Lascano         Deming                             24-Feb-13    Old age                 Deming
Lavatarco       Casket shipped  to San Simon AZ                     5-Mar-13
Colt            Margary         Hondale                7y          28-Feb-13    TB                      Deming
Dickens         Harvey D        Deming                64y           7-Mar-13    Heart trouble           Deming
Whitlock        Toy D           Deming                21y          18-Mar-13    TB                      Deming
Valverde        Pete infant     Deming                             23-Mar-13                            Deming
Valverde        Pete infant     Deming                             28-Mar-13    Res. 55206-42 ave       Deming
Currie          Roscoe D        Seatle WA                          28-Mar-13    TB                      Deming
Gilbert         Edwina          Silver City                         3-Apr-13                            Silver City
Gonzales        Jeronimo        Deming                              4-Apr-13                            Deming
Moore           Virginia M      Deming                             15-Apr-13                            Deming
Stubbs          Chas L          Lake valley                        19-Apr-13    TB                      Rochester NY
Fong            Chong           Deming             Disintered      23-Apr-13    Delivered to China      Hing Lee
Louie           Fook            see above          see above                                            see above
Fong            Dock            "                      "                                                "
Giley           Guana           Deming                 6y          13-May-13                            Deming
Goffas          Jay B           disintered                         15-May-13
Coloin          E C             Glendora CA                        15-May-13    TB died on train        Glendoea CA
Elliott         Chas W          Bluefield  W VA     40y4m25d       29-May-13    TB Hoffman              Bluefield W VA
Whitlock        Mrs R           Deming                65y          29-May-13    Neuralga                Deming
Pumphrey        Horace H        Disintered 7/18/      45y          30-May-13    Suicide, shipped to     Peak-Hagedon
Gunter          Wm T            Deming                1y1m          5-Jun-13    Collitis                Deming
Holderby        C F baby        Deming             stillborn       10-Jun-13                            Deming
Tossell         W P             Deming                67y          11-Jun-13    Paralisis Montenyohl    Deming
McDaniel        Ollio           Deming                 2y          15-Jun-13                            Deming
Wallace         Novine          Deming                11d          24-Jun-13    Dysentary               Lakewood
Pacheco         Trinidad Mrs    Deming                             27-Jun-13                            Deming
Mexican         Child           Deming                 2m           1-Jul-13                            Deming
Rector          Volney          Deming                76y           2-Jul-13                            Deming
Bailey          A O             Columbus              76y           2-Jul-13                            Deming
Ashe            Mrs Mary        Columbus              42y          15-Jul-13                            Deming
Wickham         Shara F         Deming                3m3d         16-Jul-13                            Deming
Sutherland      H C             Cincinnati O          25y          18-Jul-13    TB Montenyohl           Deming
Simpson Wm's    Infant          Deming                             23-Jul-13                            Deming
Mexican         Baby            Deming                             24-Jul-13                            Deming
Gonzales        Manuel          Deming                18d          25-Jul-13                            Deming
Burdio          E E             Deming              87y4m21d       25-Jul-13    Senile Debility Milford Deming
Cantrell        Troy            Deming                             26-Jul-13    Alcoholism              Zink AR
Lucha           Charles         Deming                             28-Jul-13    Electocuted             Creede CO
Stevenson       Luther          Deming                             24-Jul-13    TB                      Cuba IL
Cobble          James A         Deming                             30-Jul-13    TB Steed                Jacksonville TX
Parke           OM infant       Gage                               31-Jul-13                            Masonic Section
Birchfield      John W          Nan Ranch             56y           3-Aug-13    Hemorrhage of stomach   Deming EE
                casket to Nan   Nan Ranch                           6-Aug-13                            Nan Ranch
Cabrera         M C             Died on Train                       4-Aug-13                            Deming
Mexican         Baby                                               11-Aug-13                            Deming
Morales         R                                                  12-Aug-13                            Deming
Tempke          Minnie F        Deming               30y5m         17-Aug-13    TB Died in CA           Masonic Section
Howard          Charles H       Deming              24y3m18d       22-Aug-13    TB Died in CA           Corvallis OR
Ernest          Mrs Ella        Deming                47y          28-Aug-13    Brights disease Reid    Deming
Wickendon       Infant          Deming                 1m           8-Sep-13                            Deming
Osborn          Mrs Lulu        S of Deming           55y          11-Sep-13    Valve heart disease ReidDeming
Pacheco         Telefo          Deming                60y          11-Sep-13    Brights disease Reid    Deming
Gorman          Wm T                                70y11m5d       13-Sep-13    Senility                Deming
Leigh           Leonard D       Ranch Mim Valley      19y          16-Sep-13    TB                      Deming
Harrison        Miss W          Iola                  20y          18-Sep-13    Fatty degeneration      Deming
Ludlow          Raymond         Deming                16y          28-Sep-13    Brights son of Mrs JM   Crawford/Deming
Smith           Mrs Anna        Whitewater            75y          10-Oct-13                            Deming
Mexican         Baby            Deming                 2m           6-Nov-13                            Deming
Tidmore         M C             Deming                58y           9-Nov-13    Cancer                  Deming Redview
Elaho           Mexican         Deming                             12-Nov-13                            Deming
Smith           Katie T         Santa Rita                         13-Nov-13                            Bisbee AZ
Thomas          M D             Animas                56y          14-Nov-13    Asthma                  Deming
Toot            Oliver          Deming                13y           1-Dec-13    Typhoid Hoffman         Deming
Leffler         Sr Wm           Deming              66y9m11d        1-Jan-14    Phneumonia Moir         Deming Redview
Clinton         John E          Deming                             23-Jan-14    Suicide                 County
Valles          Miguel          Deming                84y          23-Jan-14    Senility                Deming
Fendell         Josephine Mrs   Deming              66y9m11d        2-Feb-14                            Deming
Soldan          H C             Macon MO              27y           7-Feb-14    TB Stoval               Macon MO
Wright          C P             Deming              44y4m4d        14-Feb-14                            Deming
Williams        infant          Deming                              8-Feb-14    Barber (Dr)             Deming Masonic
Larson          Lillian         Deming               21y8m         12-Feb-14    died Silver City        Deming
Taylor          C G             Deming                             13-Mar-14    Painter (Dr?)           County
Herrigan        Wm              Ft Bayard                           8-Apr-14                            Ft Bayard
Osborn          W E             Myndus                              9-Apr-14    Paralisus Montenyohl    Deming
Brazil          Wm              Transient                          24-Apr-14                            Deming County
Kelly           Frank           Deming                              1-May-14    TB Swope                Shreveport
Dominquez       V               Swartz                             13-May-14    Swartz
Watkins         Reed            Deming                             18-May-14                            Deming Masonic
Remenar         Kaymen          Chicago                            21-May-14    TB                      Chicago
Hess            Mrs Jane        Deming                             22-May-14    TB                      Deming IOOF
Mexican         Woman           Luxor                              28-May-14                            Deming County
Erbacher        Chas E          Silver City           45y          28-May-14    Stomach and bladder     St Mary's KS
Wickersham      Alfred          St Louis MO           34y          29-May-14    TB                      St Louis
Evans           W K             Morristown NJ         40y           2-Jun-14    Accident well caved     Morristown NJ
Hudson          Thos            Deming                77y           3-Jun-14    Old age                 Deming Masonic
Yearginn        baby            Deming               14m?d?         4-Jun-14    SM                      Deming Masonic
Plowman         E T             Leavenworth                         9-Jun-14    Paralisis               Leavenworth
Balles          Mrs             Deming                             16-Jun-14    Senility                Deming
Acebas          Thos child      Deming                             17-Jun-14                            Deming
Deitrich        E J             Deming                25y          28-Jun-14    Small Pox Redmen (Dr)   Deming
Del Bueno       Wm J            Deming                             14-Jul-14                            Deming
Anzia           Manuel baby     Deming                17d          18-Jul-14                            Deming
Orcasitad       Ambronia        Deming                             23-Jul-14                            Deming
Gibson          Sr              Iola                  32y           8-Aug-14    TB                      Deming
Martenson       H K             Deming                30y          14-Aug-14                            Deming
Mornot          M L             Deming                45y           1-Sep-14    TB                      Deming
Wilson          Alex            Hachita                             5-Sep-14    Accident                Hatchita
Mitchell        W A                                   45Y           7-Sep-14    Perotinits              Deming
McCarthy        Oliver          Deming                14y          14-Sep-14    Accident                Deming
Jackson         Leo Allen       Cambray                9y          12-Sep-14    Typhoid                 Deming
Culbertson      Thos C          Deming                50y          21-Sep-14    Paralysis               Deming IOOF
Drendome Victor Victor          Deming                24y          29-Sep-14    TB                      Deming
Ordonas         Mexican baby    Deming                             26-Oct-14                            Deming
Gee             Joseph L        Grand rapids          22y          22-Oct-14    Gun shot Coroner        Grand Rapids MI
Hollinshead     Gertrude Behene Iola NM               21y           3-Nov-14    TB                      Deming ?N H
Thompson        H J             Walsenburg CO         43y           5-Nov-14    TB Steed                Walsenburg CO
King            Harry           Crossville IL         16y           6-Nov-14    TB Swope                Crossville IL
Wyatt           WB              Cambray               64y          29-Nov-14    Pnemonia Moir           Deming Masonic
Bassilla        Ruth            Deming                             16-Dec-14    Steed                   Deming
Sterling        Mrs BB          Relgin IL             67y          19-Dec-14    Pnemonia Barber         Elgin IL
Pacheco         C               Deming                             22-Dec-14                            County
Watkins         Infant of G. A. Deming                 7d          27-Dec-14                            Watkins lot
Mexican         Boy             Deming                10y          30-Dec-14    Pnemonia
Moore           C J             Deming                 65          18-Dec-14    Suicide
Davis           James A         Kan City MO           41y          21-Jan-15    TB Hatcher              Kan City
Brown           Anna C          Deming                             24-Jan-15    Paralysis Milford       Deming Masonic
Burkick         Clysta Ann      Deming              80y2m11d       24-Jan-15    Kidney D                Deming IOOF
Kisner          Etta            Deming                47y          30-Jan-15    Petonnitis              Deming
Schurbett       John            Chico TX              30y           2-Feb-15    Suicide                 Chico TX
De Lamcay       Mrs M F         Deming                68y           7-Feb-15    Uremia Moir             Deming IOOF
Higginson       Katherine       Morganfield KY        24y          20-Feb-15    TB Swope                Morganville KY
Rushford        Mitchell        Northamption MA       35y          21-Feb-15    Anti Carditis Swope     Northhamption  MA
Castallo        Mrs Manuel      Deming                              6-Mar-14    Senility                Deming
Carver          Geo             Hurley                90y          10-Mar-15    Senility                Deming
Thorp           Mrs C           Deming                75y          13-Mar-15    Senility                Deming
Romero          Senor           Deming                              1-Apr-15    Senility                Deming
Garcia          Anasticia       Deming                              2-Apr-15    Senility                Deming
Conner          Frank D         Deming                50y          24-Apr-15    Septic Poison           Deming
Morrufo         baby            Deming                 1y          28-Apr-15    Pneumonia
Fredland        Chas            Deming                40y           1-May-15    Accident                Deming
Mexican         Baby            Deming                 5d           7-May-15                            Deming Masonic
Santiago        Maria's son     Deming                              7-May-15                            Deming
Almy            A A             Deming                65y           6-May-15                            Deming Masonic
Ontoff          Joseph N        Cooks                 65y          15-May-15    Brights disease Reid    County
Oranutes        Maria           Deming                             18-May-15                            Deming
Gemoetes        Erma            Myndus                16m          23-May-15                            Deming
Westmoreland    Wm A            Deming                86y          12-Jun-15    Senile Degeration
Roberts and     Leaky?          Casket sold?         Deming         1-Jun-15
Meek            Mrs Sarah       Deming                82y           4-Jul-15    Ptomaine                A W Pollard
Lindsay         E H             Duncan AZ             42y           7-Jul-15    Appendicitis            Carrizozo NM
Diaz            Elvira A        Deming                             14-Jul-15
Comise          Mexican         Darney                35y          22-Jul-15    Accident                County
Foster          J W             Deming                82y          25-Jul-15    Senility                Deming
King            Infant          Deming                 3m          29-Jul-15    Congestion of brain     County
Hernandez       Mrs J           Deming                              1-Aug-15    Purferal Fever          Deming
Cienferra       Josephine       Deming                50y           3-Aug-15    Blood poisoning         Deming
Carson          Cathlyn         Deming                4mon          7-Aug-15    Ch infanturu            County 69
Monez           Mrs Rancon      Deming                30y           9-Aug-15    Peretonitis             Deming
Tidwell         Temple I        Dwyer                15mon         12-Aug-15    Entero Colitis          Deming
Bounds          Lewis           Deming                14y          23-Aug-15    Burns                   ES
Lytton          Mrs S           Deming                30y          24-Aug-15    Valvular heart          Albuquerque
Webster         Mrs Minnie      Clifton AZ            35y          31-Sep-15    Accident                Oswego KS
Scott           Reta            Deming               2y7mon         1-Oct-15    Croup Moir/Swope        CCC-7
McAdams         Ethel           Sulphur OK            21y           3-Oct-15    TB Steed                CCC-9
Balderma        Pablo           Deming                60y          12-Oct-15    Senility                Deming
Jalbein         Jernen          Spaulding             50y          18-Oct-15    Gun Shot                Deming
Browning        Fred L          San Diego, CA         27y           1-Nov-15    Heroin poison           Family lot
Tilley          E J             Deming                39y           5-Nov-15    Salerosis Steed         Redman Sec-6
Graham          Charles C       Deming                20y           6-Nov-15    Gun Shot                Woodmen
Kennedy         Barney Bill     Deming               13mon         10-Nov-15    Ch infanturu            Lot 7 HHB
Phillips        W T             Hondale               72y          25-Nov-15    Senility                Lot 2 HH
Roseborough     Rachel G        Myndus                60y          28-Nov-15    Pneumonia Moir          Lot FB
Giro            Francisco       Deming                28y          28-Nov-15    Gun Shot                Deming
Infant          Unknown         Deming                19d          29-Nov-15    Pneumonia Moir          Deming
Conley          Infant          Deming                             19-Dec-15    Premature               South Robt C
Tarazon         Enfermia        Deming                19y          26-Dec-15    Pneumonia Moir          Deming
Parker          Caudia          Hachita                1y          29-Dec-15    Diptheria               El Paso WD Parker
Cook            Matie Mrs       Deming                49y          27-Dec-15    Pneumonia Moir          HB-1-JL Cook
Eichwrinzel     Mrs Mable       Alpine TX             32y           1-Jan-16    TB                      Milford Lordsburg
Doran           E Iola          Deming                65y           6-Jan-16    Cancer Steed            Bl
Bounds          Infant          Separ                              15-Jan-16    Stillborn               Block ES
Bruhn           A               Victoria TX           35y          19-Jan-16    Water in heart sac      Lot 55 County
Mexican         unknown                                            24-Jan-16    Found dead              Deming
Fund            Viola           Deming                 8y          27-Jan-16    Cholera in Swope        Lot 54 County
Vallandingham   Louise          Deming                19y          27-Jan-16    Accident                IOOF
Vallandingham   Edna            Deming                16y          27-Jan-16    Accident                IOOF
Vallandingham   Sophonia        Deming                13y          27-Jan-16    Accident                IOOF
Rafferty        Nora Agnes      Deming                42y          10-Feb-16    TB Steed                Springfield ILL
Burle           Nicanor         Deming                60y          11-Feb-16    Pneumonia Moir          Pacheco Lot
Foster          Wm N            Deming                42y          22-Feb-16    Cancer Steed            Masonic 54
Hatchell        M L             Deming                37y          22-Feb-16    TB                      CCC 10
Meeker          Harry C         Near Faywood          35y          25-Feb-16    Percarditis Hoffman     Wilkesbarry PA
Estrada         Cataruso        Transient             70y          27-Feb-16    Mal Nutrition           DeCounty
Villa           Elias Mirso     Unknown                            17-Mar-16    Gun Shot                County
Titus           Beny F          Deming                78y          18-Mar-16    Paralysis Moir          Huntington L I NY
Peters          Wash            Whitewater            70y          19-Mar-16    Acute Alcoholism        Milford DDD
Aqua            Lorenzo         Floridas              35y          21-Mar-16    Fever Steed             Deming
Ruis            Leo             Unknown                            23-Mar-16    Gun Shot                Deming
Kittingham      JJ Jr           Rockford ILL          27y          25-Mar-16    TB                      Rodkford ILL
Stefano         Prudencia       Deming                10y          26-Mar-16    Meningitis Steed        Deming
Solis           Pedro           Cooks                 48y          27-Mar-16    Pneumonia Moir          Deming
Kennedy         Infant          Deming                 4d           1-Apr-16    Malformation            Lot 7-HHB
Esperenzo       Julian          Deming                 40          20-May-16                            Mex Sec
Prieto          M               Deming                 60          21-May-16    M Fever Reid            G J J
Osborne         J W             Hondale                50          30-May-16    TB                      4 J J
McBurney        Alvin A         Luna County           73y           2-Jun-16    Accidental              Lot 11-GGG
Wyman           Fred            Terra Haute IN                      2-Jun-16    Drowning                Wyman Lot
Oberholser      Stanley C       Deming                10y           9-Jun-16    Heart Trouble           Lot 13-GGG
Mexican         unknown                                             9-Jun-16    Executed                Deming
Mexican         unknown                                             9-Jun-16    Executed                Deming
Mexican         unknown                                             9-Jun-16    TB                      Deming
Manhart         unknown         Hondale               31y          20-Jun-16    TB Milford              Washinton MO
Wallace         Mrs M           Deming                43y          25-Jun-16    Sclorisis               Block S
Arroyas         Hosea           Deming                70y          28-Jun-16    Senility
Quast           Henry           Deming                34y           1-Jul-16    Gun Shot                Lot 7 J J
Linder          W A             El Paso               43y          11-Jul-16    Fractured Skull         El Paso Locomotive Engineer Vickers
Johnson         A H             Tucson AZ             28y          31-Jul-16    Killed by SP Train      Dodge Center Minn
Watkins         Mrs Mattie      Deming                58y           7-Aug-16    Disease of Heart        Masonic Sec Died in San Diego
Tarbill         Homer           Near Dwyer                         13-Aug-16    Alcoholism              Lot 2
Jimenez         Infant                                2mon         15-Aug-16                            Deming
Wallis          Albert          Cooks                 55y          14-Aug-16    Appoplexy               Lot HB 3
Jimenez         Miss            Deming                 22          18-Aug-16    Child Birth             Deming
Smith           Thos R          San Marcial           55y          19-Aug-16    RR Accident Steed       San Marcial Coffin to Chas Miller Separ NM
Parra           unknown         Deming                40y          12-Sep-16                            Deming
Stevenson       G C             El Paso                25          18-Sep-16    Gun Shot Rogers         El Paso
Porter          Mary F          El Paso               40y          19-Sep-16    Carcinoma of Liver      Masonic JE Porter
Nunn            Pat             Luna County           38y          21-Sep-16    Accident
Malcolm         Ray J           Sierra Co             25y           1-Oct-16    Accident                Conway Mo Fred Mister
Hicks           Chas E Jr       Luna County            4y           2-Oct-16    Cololitis               NHI
Cox             Sgt Henry R     Russelville AR        24y           3-Oct-16    Aerocabus Callutas      Maj Larney Russelville, AR
Taber           Emily Ann Mrs   Glorieta              23y           5-Oct-16    Typhoid Fever           Santa Fe
Stidham         Frank J         Hacita                39y          12-Oct-16    Gunshot                 San Angelo
Gamon           Aloysious       San Francisco         36y          18-Oct-16    TB                      San Francisco
Mexican         Bady            Deming                 3y          20-Oct-16    Typhoid Fever           Casket to Hulsey
Bolton          Mrs Geo         Hurley                55y          22-Oct-16    Cancer Steed            AOUW
Clayton         Mrs R D         Myndus                50y           1-Nov-16
Phillips        Mrs C E         Luna County           66y           7-Oct-16    Asthma Moir             3-HH
Hernandez       Raphael         Deming                27y           2-Apr-16    TB                      Deming
Aqua            M V             Deming                35y           3-Apr-16    Typhoid Fever           County
Aquilar         C               Deming                40y           5-Apr-16    Pneumonia Moir          County
Carboda         Infant          Hatch                              10-Apr-16                            Hatch
Hogdon          John B          Deming                69y          13-Apr-16    Appoplexy               IOOF
Zapata          Lue             San Lorenzo           45y          17-May-16                            San Lorenzo
Mayo            Mrs R E         Deming                35y           1-Nov-16                            B 1 FC
Gray            Mrs R D         Myndus                50y           1-Nov-16    Cancer Steed            AOUW
Anstasia        Ambrosia        Deming                 9y          12-Nov-16                            Deming
Almy            Baby            Deming                 1d          12-Nov-16                            B1 FD
Bedicheck       J M             Ranch                 72y          13-Nov-16    Pneumonia Moir          Eddy TX
Payan           Anasticia       Deming                23y          23-Nov-16    TB                      Deming
Anderson        Infant          Mimbres River          1d          27-Nov-16    on River                Geo Anderson
Herzog          Frank J         Co D Wyoming NG       18y          28-Nov-16    Erysifles               Ft. Bliss TX
Encell          Dryden M        Deming                85y          30-Nov-16    Brain Hem               Breckenridge TX
Rodriquez       unknown         Deming                20y           2-Dec-16    Small Pox               Deming
Elder           Elsie           Luna County           25y           4-Dec-16    TB                      Columbus
Montes          Child           Dwyer                  5y          12-Dec-16
Slaven          Harlan J        Myndus                27y          14-Dec-16    TB                      Lot 4-HH
Stidham         Frank J         Hacita                39y          12-Oct-16    Gunshot                 San Angelo
Gamon           Aloysious       San Francisco         36y          18-Oct-16    TB                      San Francisco
Mexican         Bady            Deming                 3y          20-Oct-16    Typhoid Fever           Casket to Hulsey
Bolton          Mrs Geo         Hurley                55y          22-Oct-16    Cancer Steed            AOUW
Clayton         Mrs R D         Myndus                50y           1-Nov-16