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Book #2 Part 3
1939 to 1952

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Book #2 Part 3 is a project of Marcena Thompson and Janet Wasson.
The Mahoney Mortuary records fill a gap in the Luna County deaths up to 1919 when the State of New Mexico began keeping death records. Some years of these mortuary records,
specifically 1901, 1903, and 1917 to 1925 have missing records. We are indebted to Janet Wasson for the project concept. Marcena has done an excellent job on this section. Thank you each. 

Surname        F. Name                 POD                                    DOD      Age     Cause of Death                  Place of Burial

Walking        Violet W                811 W Spruce                         1/1/39 37y 8m 21d  Obstruction of Bowells          Shreveport LA
Crawford       Helena                  Deming Hosp                       18-Jan-39 81y 1m 28d  Dr Calvard                      Grave 2
Haley          Anthony L               Park Hotel                        22-Jan-39 78y 10m 5d  Lobar Pneumonia                 Block G O Mt View
Lacasno        Alberto                 Deming Hosp                       27-Jan-39 21y 11m 15d Acute Lobar Pneumonia           Mex Sect 5 00
Estrada        Marcos                  Deming Hosp                       21-Jan-39 18y 5m 26d  Pneumonia                       Mex Sect 5 00
Headrick       Phineous D              215 S Platinum                     1-Feb-39  59y 5m 1d  Gunshot Suicide                 Headrick Block
Camp           Monroe                  Columbus NM                        5-Feb-39   71y 5m    Natural Causes                  Mex Sect 5 00
Ruckman        Carl Wilber             Deming                            18-Feb-39  58y 6m 0d  Acute Appendicitis              1 st Lot on Ext ppp
Parra          Antonio Sr              Deming E Pine                     24-Feb-39 51y 9m 15d  Acute Appendicitis              Mex Sect 5 00
Snyer          Grayson D               Deming Hosp                       25-Feb-39   14y 8d    Gunshot Wound                   2nd grave N of Lindauer
Novak          Frank                   208 E Birch                        5-Mar-39     55y     Gunshot Wound                   Pauper Sect
Blackwell      Charles C               Columbus NM                        5-Mar-39  51y 1m 4d  Tubercular Asthma               Lexington OK
Quintana       Fidencio                222 E 2nd St                      10-Mar-39 22y 3m 22d  Myocarditis Chronic             Mex Sect 5 00
Manning        Callie Clyde            Howard Hotel                      19-Mar-39  49y 9m 0d  Lobar Pneumonia                 Mt View
Delaney        Marion Jackson          Deming Hosp                       20-Mar-39  71y 9m 7d  Auto accident                   Mex Sect 5 00
Sincomb        Cora Esther             Phoenix AZ                        30-Mar-39 74y 6m 17d  Hypostatic Pneut                Mt View
Franklin       Sallie Elizabeth        Deming Hosp                        6-Apr-39  67y 6m 8d  Dr Steed                        Mt View
Boles          Aaron A                 First hs S/Orton                   7-Apr-39     81y     Cerebral Hemorrhage             Mt View
Pacheco        Guadalupe G             Deming                             8-Apr-39 20y 3m 17d  Dr Calvard                      Mt View
Frerich        Elizabeth Jane          Deming Hosp                       17-Apr-39   3m 39d    Bronchial Pneumonia             Mt View
Topping        Bertha Phenaty          Santa Rita Hosp                   18-Apr-39     45y     Cerebral Hemorrhage             Mt View
Hinyard        Charles                 San Angelo TX                     24-Apr-39 67y 1m 19d  Coronary Occulision             Upton Block
White          Wade A Sr               Camp Deming                       25-Apr-39     54y     Tuberculosis                    Silver City
Harrell        Lula Belle              Kearns Auto Camp                   4-May-39  59y 8m 9d  Tuberculosis                    Mt View
Eyman          Effie Yates             Albuquerque                       20-Jun-39 71y 4m 16d  Artero Sclerosis                Mt View
Flores         Jose M                  Silver City                       23-Jun-39     32y     Struck by Auto                  Mex Sect 5 00
Arrillo        Francisco               Deming                             1-Jul-39   Unknown   Coronary Thrombosis             Mex Sect 5 00
Tidwell        Nathen C                Hatch NM                          30-Jul-39 80y 8m 26d  Uremia                          Mt View LLL
Wright         Ernest E                Julia Wright Res                  30-Jul-39   78y       Uremia                          Mt View LLL
McAfee         Leaman H                Dr. Cantwells Office               7-Jul-39   10m 14d   Dr Colvard                      Mt View
Smith          Baby H M                Kearns Auto Camp                   Unknown    Unknown   Dr Colvard                      Mt View
Schmitt        Frank                   Silver City Hiway 1mil n of town   7-Jul-39   Unknown   Struck by Auto                  Mex Sect 5 00
Eittriem       Ernest J                Long Beach CA                      8-Jul-39     76y     Chronic Myocarditis             Mt View KP Sect
Pyle           Coot                    Tucson AZ                         13-Jul-39 38y 8m 17d  Lymphatic Leukemia              Mt View Lot 19 Bl EFX
Miller         Henry Dayton            Chinese Garden Og                 19-Jul-39 61y 10m 7d  Silicesis both lungs            Mt View
Vickers        F Dan Dr                400 S Granite                     20-Jul-39 71y 1m 26d  Carcinoma of blader             Mt View
Martinez       Jose D                  Deming Pool Hall                  20-Jul-39     69y     Dr Colvard                      Mt View
Aguilar        Elenda                  Unknown                           22-Jul-39   9m 28d    Dysentery Dehydration           Mex Sect 5 00
Angle          Jerry Lee               W 2nd St                          30-Jul-39    14y      Gastro Entritis                 Mt View
Ferrell        Gordon F                Deming Hosp                       31-Jul-39 11y 0m 28d  Gunshot Wound                   Mt View
Grado          Alex                    Deming                             6-Aug-39  74y 4m 0d  Dr Colvard                      Mt View Pauper
Eby            Lillian Ivey            Dwyer NM                           6-Aug-39 25y 9m 26d  Cynide Poision                  Mt View Masonic
Han            Clarence H              801 E Pine                        15-Aug-39   Unknown   Carcinoma of Prosate            Mt View
Garcia         Jimmy                   311 S Ruby                        15-Aug-39     6m      Pneumonia                       Mt View
Link           Paul Milton             322 W Pine                        20-Aug-39     5d      Premature Birth                 Mt View
Stovall        Maude E                 Silver City                       22-Aug-39     65y     Heart Disease                   Mt View Masonic
McCoy          William                 115 E Birch                       25-Aug-39 60y 2m 23d  Myocarditis Chronic             Mt View
Gray           Elizabeth Belle         Roy NM                            25-Aug-39  14y 7m 3d  Lobar Pneumonia                 Mt View Masonic
Lopez          Alfonso                 Unknown                           30-Aug-39     5m      Unknown                         Free Sect
Bowman         Monroe B                Ranch W of Red Mt                  1-Aug-39  79y 9m 6d  Chronic Myocarditis             Mt View Masonic
Sebring        Veretta L               Deming                             5-Sep-39   7y 23d    Gastro Entritis                 Mt View
Grado          Jesus                   Deming                             5-Sep-39     78y     Pellagra                        Mt View Pauper
Salinas        Glorida Estrada         Unknown                            8-Sep-39    2m 7d    Entero Colitis                  Free Mex Sect
Marshall       Phillip                 Deming Hosp                       11-Sep-39 71y 10m 11d Myocarditis                     Chicago ILL
Rea            Joseph Orchard          Howard Hotel                      24-Sep-39 55y 7m 24d  Pulmonary TB                    Mt View
Hamilton       John                    Sante Fe NM                        1-Oct-39     28y     Car Accident                    Mt View Masonic
Farrar         Colby S                 Rt 80 & 24 mil of Dg               7-Oct-39 46y 11m 7d  Auto accident                   Tucson AZ
Hernandez      Antonio R               Deming Hosp                       14-Oct-39  51y 4m 1d  Gunshot Wound                   Mt View
Finn           Henry Joseph Jr         Deming Hosp                       15-Oct-39 14y 6m 15d  Tetanus                         Mt View KP
Snyer          Edith Evelyn            Deming Hosp                       19-Oct-39 34y 10m 7d  Intestinal Obstruction          Mt View KP
Sims           R A                     Gage NM                           20-Oct-39  2y 8m 0d   Auto accident                   Eastland TX
Dadds          Lizzie Bell             Home S of Deming                  21-Oct-39     73y     Natural Causes                  Mt View
Miranda        Teresa                  Deming                            28-Oct-39 80y 8m 26d  Natural Causes                  Mt View
Rodriques      Alberto                 Unknown                           29-Oct-39   Unknown   Asphnxia Neonatorum             Free Sect
Donahue        Michel                  15 mil S of Deming                28-Oct-39 76y 10m 11d Natural Causes                  Mt View
Sebring        Vernon Louis            Unknown                            7-Oct-39   Unknown   Malutrition                     Lot 6 1/2 Blk NE 1/4 DB
Siler          Charlie Howard          Deming Hosp                       10-Nov-39     59y     Hypertension                    Mt View IOOF
Robinson       Twin Babies             7 mi S of Deming                  11-Nov-39     2d      Unknown                         Mt View
Robinson       Twin Babies             7 mi S of Deming                  12-Nov-39     3d      Unknown                         Mt View
Taylor         Margaret Ann            Big Springs TX                    20-Nov-39 46y 9m 12d  General Paralysis insane        Mt View Masonic
Bassett        Baby C C                Deming Hosp                       23-Nov-39   Unknown   Still born                      Mt View Masonic
Gregg          Eliza Jane              Demig Hosp                        26-Nov-39 76y 2m 11d  Unknown                         Mt View Pauper
Sandy          Haskel                  Albuquerque                       30-Nov-39  43y 2m 3d  Pulmonary TB                    Mt View
Myers          Wm Jackson              Deming                             3-Dec-39 83y 1m 13d  Chronic Myocarditis             Mt View
McNary         William                 Deming Hosp                        7-Dec-39 73y 0m  22d Chronic Myocarditis             Mt View
McGriff        Thos A                  508 S 8th St                       9-Dec-39 61y 7m 23d  Angina Pectoris                 Mt View
Elam           Wm Martin               Deming Hosp                       21-Dec-39 42y 5m 17d  Auto accident                   Los Angeles CA
Horton         John W                  Hiway 80 E of Dg 8 mil            23-Dec-39     57y     Auto accident                   Big Springs TX
Horton         Myrtie                  Hiway 80 E of Dg 8 mil            23-Dec-39     52y     Auto accident                   Big Springs TX
Vick           Richard R               Hiway 80 E of Dg 8 mil            23-Dec-39     39y     Auto accident                   Big Springs TX
Vick           Baby Richar             Hiway 80 E of Dg 8 mil            23-Dec-39     9y      Auto accident                   Big Springs TX
Vick           Shirley Jean            Hiway 80 E of Dg 8 mil            23-Dec-39     4y      Auto accident                   Big Springs TX
Raithel        Henry                   322 S Tin                         28-Dec-39 55y 6m 28d  Cerebral Hemorrhage             Mt View
Braem          Albert                  17 mil E of Deming                29-Dec-39 91y 2m 19d  Scality-Myocarditis             El Paso TX
Shelton        Robert Stonewall        Deming Hosp                       22-Jan-40 73y 3m 26d  Staphylococous Meningitis       Mt View
Perrin         Baby Cluster            Rural Star Rte                    24-Jan-40  0y 0m 0d   Still born                      Mt View
Coleman        John Hall Dr            Unknown                           27-Jan-40     87y     Unknown                         Mt View Masonic
Arenibas       Francisco               Unknown                           17-Jan-40     70y     Lobar Pneumonia                 Mex Sect 5 00
Hance          Baby Jackie             Unknown                           10-Feb-40  0y 0m 1d   Calvard                         Unknown
Ott            Ida Alice               408 S 8th St                       8-Feb-40 67y 2m 17d  Unknown                         Mt. View
Peck           Elizabeth               Deming Hosp                       16-Feb-40 33y 11m 27d Unknown                         Mt. View
Pena           Valentine Jr            Unknown                           17-Feb-40  0y 2m 0d   Unknown                         Free Sect
Pacheco        Henry Q                 Mesa AZ                           24-Feb-40  0y 9m 11d  Intestinal Obstruction          Mt View
Stout          Mollie                  208 N Gold                        27-Feb-40 75y 2m 25d  Appoplexy Arterioschleros       Mt View McCoy Section
Nunn           Antha Josephine         Apache AZ                         27-Feb-40 85y 1m 26d  Cerebral Hemorrhage             Mt View Masonic
Allison        Hop Wilton              319 W Spruce                       2-Mar-40 50y 7m 14d  Colvard                         Mt View McCoy Section
Pena           Crescencio M                                               3-Mar-40     71y                                     Mt View 5.00 Sect
Calcote        Joe Evans               704 Pine                           3-Mar-40  0y 0m 3d   Colvard                         Free Baby Sect
Moseley        Elisha E                Hurley NM                          5-Mar-40 84y 2m 25d  Cardiac Vascular Venal          Mt View McCoy Section
Barrera        Baby Frank R            Unknown                            5-Mar-40  0y 0m 0d   Born Dead                       Mex Free Sect
Almy           Violet B M              El Paso TX                         7-Mar-40 52y 2m 17d  Cerebral Hemorrhage             Mt View Block F D
Hammon         Carrie SC               Deming                             9-Mar-40     78y     Pneumonia Lobar                 Mt View Block EJ
Villegas       Francisco T             Deming                            12-Mar-40     63y     Broncho Pneumonia               Mt View 5.00 Mex
Ross           James                   Pioneer Bar                       14-Mar-40  70y 6m 8d  Colvard Cerebral Hemorrag       Mt View Pauper
Lively         Perry                   322 E Maple                       20-Mar-40     62y     Myocardial Insufficiency        Mt View Cabollero Plot
Owen           Selina                  Las Vegas Asylum                  27-Mar-40     77y     Cerebral Arterosclerosis        Mt View
Cannon         Mary E                  Deming                            28-Mar-40 74y 11m 23d Sclerosis of Liver              Mt View HHH
Amaila         Alajrandao                                                31-Mar-40    21y      Crushed Skull                   Mt View Mex Sect
Ortiz          Felecitas Bonilla       Deming                             3-Apr-40   43y       Broncho Pneumonia               Mt View Free Mex Sect
Trujillo       Salome C.               Faywood                            7-Apr-40 75y 5m 25d  Unknown                         Faywood, NM
Diaz           Paubla A                219 S Ruby                         9-Apr-40 51y 10m 3d  Cut her throat                  Mt View
Tustin         Baby Harry B            Deming Hosp                       12-Apr-40  0y 0m 1hr  Hydracephalus                   Mt View
Cheek          Ellen Joyse             Deming Hosp                       16-Apr-40 25y 11m 12d Generalized Perotinitis         Mt View
Stroud         James A                 315 1/2 S 8th St                  21-Apr-40 77y 8m 13d  Arteriosclerosis Senility       Mt View
Larsen         Luise                   420 S Gold Ave                    25-Apr-40 74y 0m 21d  Cancer of Esphogus              Mt View
Osmer          Nathan A                Kearn's Auto Camp                 30-Apr-40  62y 5m 4d  Myocarditis Chronic             Mt View K of P
Marruto        Guadalupe               Deming Res                         8-May-40 68y 1m 23d  Uremia                          Mt View
Wamel          Wm Julius               Deming Hosp                       13-May-40 80y 8m 24d  Stroke of Peresis               Mt View
Gonzales       Vivian                  412 S Peal                        25-May-40     87y     Chronic Myocarditis             Mt View 5.00 Sect
Pelayo         Pablo Benny             Clark Hotel                       25-May-40  57y 0m 9d  Rabies                          Mt View McCoy Section
Ferguson       Ruben L                 406 S 8th St                      28-May-40 51y 5m 26d  Coronary Thrombosis             Mt View moved to El Paso TX
Tabor          Mary Frances            El Paso TX                        29-May-40 64y 7m 25d  Andenocarcinoma                 Mt View IOOF
Vocale         Nunzio Emanue           Deming Hosp                       31-May-40  0y 0m 22d  Acute Gastritis                 Mt View
Kimble         Mary                    Deming Hosp                        3-Jun-40     70y     Cerebral Hemorrhage             Mt View McCoy Section
Salaiz         Presliano Sai           Deming Res                         8-Jun-40  36y 1m 3d  Puerperal Sepsis                Mt View 5.00 Sect
Miracle        Johnie C                Deming Hosp                        9-Jun-40 35y 7m 12d  Fracture Skull                  Mt View McCoy Section
Graham         Kenneth Ar Lo           Mimbers Hot Springs               10-Jun-40  17y 0m 4d  Acute Endocarditis              Mt View Masonic
Dickinson      Fred E                  Akela NM                          14-Jun-40 26y 11m 12d Pulmonary TB                    Mt View McCoy Section
Chester        Geo W Sr                822 S Copper Deming               19-Jun-40 82y 4m 19d  Chronic Cholery Stitis          Mt View W O W
Sanders        Lena                    El Paso TX                        25-Jun-40  40y 9m 6d  Steptococcie Throat             Mt View
Lucero         Narsiso                 618 S Ruby                        30-Jun-40     71y     Paralysis                       Mt View Free Mex Sect
Thwaits        Doris Siler             208 S Zink                        10-Jul-40  33y 6m 5d  Ileus Paralytic                 Mt View IOOF
Bryan          Baby Margaret           418 S Gold                         9-Aug-40  0y 0m 0d   Premature Birth                 Mt View Kennedy Block
Miller         Dora E                  Oakland CA                        12-Aug-40 57y 2m 24d  Unknown                         Mt View
Hougland       James L                 221 S Copper                      16-Aug-40 69y 0m 15d   Vascular Cerebral Accident     Mt View
Biggs          Astel Snyer             Deming Res                        21-Aug-40 49y 11m 6d  Intestinal Obstruction          Smer Block
Talyor         C1891458 Claud C        Almo Hotel Deming                  8-Aug-40 56y 10m 4d  Natural Causes                  Mt View 5.00 Sect
Molina         Benito                  Deming                            28-Aug-40 85y 1m 26d  Senility                        Mt View Pauper
Villegas       Fidel                   Gage NM                           28-Aug-40  18y 4m 4d  Accidental Death                Laredo TX
Howeth         Georgia A               Deming                             4-Sep-40 77y 10m 0d  Senility                        Mt View Block DK
Barrera        C1247770 Francisco      518 W Cedar                       15-Sep-40 54y 11m 11d Knife Wound in Chest            Mt View Mex Sect
Grimm          M Hon A                 821 S Copper                      16-Sep-40 38y 2m 29d  Gun Shot Suicide                Mt View 2 lot McCoy
Turner         Fred                    Deming Hosp                       26-Sep-40 48y 11m 12d General Peritanitis             Mt View 2 lot
Porter         Anna A                  Deming Hosp                        7-Oct-40  84y 8m 9d  Starvation                      Mt View K of P
Perez          Romolo                  E 2nd St Deming                   13-Oct-40     75y     Natural Causes                  Mt View Pauper
Pacheco        Petra E                 Deming                             4-Nov-40    68y      Cerebral Vascular               Mt View 5.00 Mex
Cheek          Baby Peter Andrew       Sheir Farm                         5-Nov-40  0y 0m 0d   Premature Birth                 Mt View Bell Block
Huff           Twin Babies             Kearn's Auto Camp                  6-Nov-40  0y 0m 0d   Premature Birth                 Mt View Free Baby Sect
Rascon         Francisco               400 S Diamond                     10-Nov-40     88y     Carcinoma of Stomach            Hillsboro
Norton         Joe Hubert              Black Range Mt                    17-Nov-40  30y 9m 7d  Unknown                         Mt View
Furgason       Baby                    200 S Granite                     14-Nov-40  0y 0m 0d   Premature Birth                 Mt View Free Baby Sect
Short          George W                Gage NM                           18-Nov-40  59y 3m 2d  Angina Pectoris                 Mt View DDD
Myers          John                    Deming Hosp                       25-Nov-40    42y      Hemmorrhage Severe Colitis      Mt View 5.00 Sect
Gamboa         Romona                  Deming Hosp                        4-Dec-40 40y 11m 2d  Eclampsia                       Mt View 5.00 Sect
Foster         Henry Thomas            Ranch 7 mil E of Deming           13-Dec-40  70y 3m 0d  Coronary Occulision             Mt View Between GM & GN E
Keith          Jeff Davis              Corner house in alley back of fire14-Dec-40  79y 2m 3d  Coroner                         Mt View Keith Block
Easton         David Will              Deming Hosp                       23-Dec-40 16y 3m 18d  Epilepsy                        Mt View 5.00 Sect
Quintana       Epifania                222 E 2nd St                      23-Dec-40 19y 7m 11d  Generalized Millary TB          Mt View 5.00 Sect
Hall           David D                 Dumas TX                          24-Dec-40  1y 3m 17d  Pneumonia                       Mt View
Strahorn       Henry E                 Deming Hosp                        1-Jan-41 75y 6m 22d  Cerebral Hemorrhage             Mt View Pauper
Gilmore        Saendra L               410 E Spruce                       6-Jan-41  0y 1m 6d   Broncho Pneumonia               Mt View Free Sect
Todhunter      James D                 Deming Hosp                        9-Jan-41 75y 11m 10d Heart Disease                   Mt View 20.00
Chamberlin     Robert                  Deming Hosp                        8-Jan-41 92y 11m 12d Intestinal Obstruction          Mt View Pauper
Adams          Charles E               Deming Hosp                        9-Jan-41     40y     Exposure                        Mt View 5.00 Sect
Davis          Victoria B              Lewis Flats                       12-Jan-41    58y      T B                             Mt View  McCoy Sect
Upshaw         Geo                     515 W Spruce                      13-Jan-41  0y 0m 13d  Broncho Pneumonia               Mt View Free Baby Sect
Curry          Groves C                Silver City                       16-Jan-41  53y 7m 7d  Intercarnial Hemorrhage         Lewis Flats
VanLeer        Lance Pearl             NM State Hospital                 17-Jan-41 49y 11m 17d Pulmonary TB                    Mt View 20.00
Fajardo        William                                                   23-Jan-41  0y 4m 0d   Broncho Pneumonia               Mt View Free Mex Sect
Norwood        Henry Clay              Deming Hosp                       21-Jan-41 51y 2m 21d  Uremia Coma                     Mt View SE Cor Park Sect
Dudley         Nellie Nadine           208 Gold                          25-Jan-41 45y 2m 21d  Pulmonary Tuber                 Mt View McCoy Section
Avenna         Linda E                 Tom Madrid Res                    27-Jan-41  0y 1m 21d  Broncho Pneumonia               Mt View 5.00 Sect
Perryman       Jack D                  Ambulance to Hospital             21-Jan-41 20y 9m 15d  Auto accident                   Ennis Tx
Chavez         Federico Nava           West Pine                          6-Feb-41     76y     Large Heart                     Mt View Free Sect
Fiandt         J D                     Deming Hosp                       15-Feb-41     70y     Carcihom of Bladder             Mt View Harding Block
Rambo          C R                     219 S Ruby                        16-Feb-41 92y 4m 13d  Uremia                          Mt View Masonic
Lenoir         James H                 522 E RR Ave                      17-Feb-41  64y 5m 8d  Cerebral Hemorrhage             Mt View Masonic
Probencio      Jesus                   Deming                            19-Feb-41     76y     Broncho Pneumonia               Mt View 5.00 Sect
Parra          Mateo                   Deming                            20-Feb-41     37y     Lobar Pneumonia                 Mt View Free Sect
Stovall        R E Dr                  Mimbers Hot Springs               20-Feb-41 76y 4m 13d  Cerebral Hemorrhage             Mt View Masonic
Dougherty      Joe                     Deming Hosp                       22-Feb-41 50y 7m 14d  Chirosis of Liver               Mt View Pauper
Tarango        Santa Rosa                                                 3-Mar-41     54y     Lung Abscess                    Mt View Mex Free Sect
Janecka        Joe                     Deming Hosp                       28-Mar-41 57y 9m 29d  Anemia Taxemia                  Mt View 20.00 Sect
Haskins        Baby Jerrill Dee        Deming Hosp                        6-Mar-41  0y 0m 0d   Premature Birth                 Mt View Free Baby Sect
Holiday        James F                 5 mil SE of Deming                 5-Mar-41  81y 3m 5d  Cornary Thrombosis
Snow           Gale                                                       7-Mar-41  0y 6m 23d  Bronchial Pneumonia             Mt View Free Baby Sect
Brewer         James Thom              Sanitarum Rd Mrs. Wright           8-Mar-41 78y 11m 3d                                  Ardmore OK
Rico           Cayetana Cruz           NW of Ice Plant                   11-Mar-41  80y 7m 4d  Natural Causes
Evans          Twins Ray A             Deming                            16-Mar-41  0y 0m 0d   Premature Birth
Pienzak        John                    Vet Hosp Ft. Bayard               19-Mar-41    53y      Pulmonary TB                    Mt View Redman Sect
Chavez         Elias C                                                   26-Mar-41 52y 10m 23d Acute Coronary                  Mt View Free Sect
McRoberts      M J                     Ranch 8 mil SE of Dg              31-Mar-41 81y 6m 11d  Old Age                         Mt View 20.00 Sect
Bell           Frank                   Deming Hosp                        1-Apr-41 38y 10m 12d Peritonitis                     Mt View S of KP
Spruill        J E Jr                  Boggs Hotel                        9-Apr-41 21y 10m 20d Pulmonary TB                    Mt View Blks EA & EB
Quintana       Miguel                  E 2nd St                          17-Apr-41    56y      Anemia Taxemia                  Mt View Free Sect
Balza          Baby                                                      18-Apr-41    8 hrs    Premature Birth                 Mt View Mex Free Sect
Molinar        Baby                    Deming Hosp                       20-Apr-41  0y 0m 0d   Monstrocity                     Mt View Mex Free Sect
Alvarez        S                       520 S Pearl                       26-Apr-41  83y 2m 5d  Senile Dementia                 Mt View 5.00 Sect
Bowlin         Sidney F                On way to hosp                    26-Apr-41 44y 9m 14d  Unavoidable Accident            El Paso TX
Pennington     B D                     Deming Hosp                       18-May-41  69y 4m 3d  Apaplexey Artero Schlerosis     Mt View Woodmen
McKeyes        Burrage Y               Little Rock AK                    23-May-41 89y 5m 29d  Coronary Thrombosis             Mt View Workmen Sect
Melbourne      Harold                  Kearn's Auto Camp                  3-Jun-41     70y     Auto accident                   Mt View Free Sect
Brem           Jonnie Earl             Coronado Courts Dg                 4-Jun-41  35y 7m 7c  Acute Alcholism                 Mt View McCoy Section
Salas          Mucio                   Deming                             4-Jun-41 91y 10m 13d Uremia
Trimble        Richard E               20mil E of Dg R 80                 6-Jun-41     27y     Natural Causes                  Shawnee OK
Torres         Gabino Alyandio                                           13-Jun-41  0y 3m 23d  Infectious Diarrea              Mt View Mex Free Sect
Cagle          Mary Ann                Old Baker Farm Lewis Flats        19-Jun-41 55y 1m 11d  Corona Thrombosis               Mt View Pauper 5.00 Sect
Bell           Katherine               612 S Platinum                    21-Jun-41 71y 5m 27d  Chronic Myocarditis             Mt View S of KP
Heath          Ada                     Deming Hosp                       25-Jun-41  77y 8m 1d  Cerebral Hemorrhage             Mt View Woodmen
Dooley         Oscar Arlo              Deming Swimming Pool              28-Jan-41  7y 5m 19d  Drown in Municipal Pool         Mt View S of Woodmen
Harrison       A G                     509 S Platinum                     6-Jul-41  80y 8m 9d  Uremic Poisoning                Mt View McCoy Section
Runnyan        Henry D                 Star Route Jonas                  11-Jul-41  61y 0m 1d  Kidney Trouble                  Mt View 5.00 Sect
Engendor       E M                     El Paso Tx SW Hosp                11-Jul-41 65y 11m 2d  Coronary Occulision             Mt View Masonic
Griffin        Buelah Viola Cooper     Tyrone NM                         23-Jul-41  46y 5m 2d  Insulin Shock Coma              Mt View NE block GM
Dean           Harry A                 401 S Iron                        12-Jul-41 59y 10m 11d Doronary H Disease              Mt View IOOF
Avilla         Enrique                 Deming                            14-Jul-41 45y 2m 21d  Perotinitis Opera               Mexico
Putts          Frank J                 Joe Deckert's Junk Yard           17-Jul-41  36y 7m 3d  Accidental Electrocution        Bryan TX
McDougal       James M                 520 W Elm                         18-Jul-41 84y 8m 20d  Ret. Cerebella Stroke           Mt View Masonic
Boudreaux      Chas C                  NW Cor Pine-Silver                21-Jul-41 58y 4m 19d  Heart Failure                   Mt View McCoy Section
McKinney       Carrie                  6mil E on R 80                    23-Jul-41 66y 6m 20d  Natural Causes                  San Francisco CA
Torres         Francisco               Deming Hosp                       31-Jul-41 75y 0m 25d  Broncho Pneumonia               Dwyer NM
Kenny          John H                  El Paso SW General Hosp            4-Jul-41 48y 9m 21d  Skull Crushed                   Mt View Masonic
Marsh          A F                     Box 54 Rt 1                        5-Jul-41     63y     Natural Causes                  Mt View Pauper Sect
Schultz        Marie                   523 S Silver Ave                  12-Jul-41 72y 0m 12d  Cancer of Liver                 Mt View Block KX
Lopez          Joshua                                                     7-Aug-41  0y 4m 0d   Diarrhea                        Mt View Free Sect
Berry          Wm Joseph               Deming Hosp                       19-Aug-41  73y 1m 9d  Myocardial Failure              Mt View UUU Block
White          Henry Wm                310 W Pine                        15-Aug-41 68y 10m 19d Pulmonary Edema                 Mt View NW of Bl GM
Whitmire       James O                 Rincon NM                         21-Aug-41 29y 4m 27d  Diabetis                        Mt View McCoy Section
Saucedo        Juan                    Box 4 Columbus Rd                 26-Aug-41 67y 7m 27d  Cerebral Hemorrhage             Mt View 5.00 Sect
Yates          John Franklin           El Paso TX                        28-Aug-41 69y 5m 10d  Cancer of Cheek                 Mt View E 1/2 DY
Kirkland       Orlena L                Deming Hosp                       30-Aug-41 84y 9m 23d  Cerebral Hemorrhage             Ft. Chadbourne TX
Porrle         Frank                   Deming Rural                       3-Sep-41 69y 11m 30d Chronic Myocarditis             Mt. View 5.00 Sect
Gibson         Omar S                  Mashed O Ranch                    12-Sep-41 64y 5m 23d  Coronary Thrombosis             Mt View Lots 5,6,7,8,Lot 8UW
Carney         Mary Evelyn             312 S Tin                         15-Sep-41  57y 1m 1d  Carcinomatosis                  Mt View E 1/2 E I
Garcia         Oriando                                                   17-Sep-41  3y 6m 18d  Unknown                         Mt View 5.00 Sect
Shaw           Nellie                  Deming Hosp                       17-Sep-41 64y 5m 19d  Paralysis Artero Sclerosis      Mt View Masonic
Berry          Charlotte               El Paso TX                        22-Sep-41 43y 2m 16d  Stomach Ulcers                  Mt View Kelley Block
Harris         David Lee               209 S Nickel                      23-Sep-41   17m 29d   Broncho Pneumonia               Mt View Free Baby Sect
Johnson        Myron Wm                806 S Gold                        23-Sep-41  1y 6m 6d   Bronchitis                      Las Cruces NM
Thorn          Robert Lee              Gage NM                           26-Sep-41  1y 4m 5d   Gun Shot Wound                  Mt View Free Baby Sect
Giron          Edna S                  422 Platinum                      26-Sep-41   3m 14d    Marsmus Starvation              Mt View Free Baby Sect
McGlothlin     Wm W                    Deming Hosp                        1-Oct-41 70y 8m 18d  Cerebral Hemorrhage             Mt View Pauper Sect
Hyndman        Edw R                   Deming Hosp                        2-Oct-41 70y 10m 17d Auto accident                   Capron ILL
Carreon        Jaun                    Palomas MX                        10-Oct-41 60y 6m 22d  Heart Failure                   Mt. View 5.00 Sect
Gaines         Evry D                  Deming Hosp                       21-Oct-41 66y 5m 22d  Cerebral Hemorrhage             Mt View ES Block
Keoppack       Patrick                 Deming Hosp                       22-Oct-41     83y     Coronary Occulision             Mt View Link Sec row H lot 27
Moorhead       Robt V                  Deming Hosp                       11-Nov-41 72y 7m 21d  Uremic Coma                     Hatchita NM
Enciso         Ponciano                                                  19-Nov-41    3 hrs    Premature Birth                 Mt View Free Baby Sect
Enciso         Isabel                                                    19-Nov-41    3 hrs    Premature Birth                 Mt View Free Baby Sect
Enciso         Abdisa                                                    19-Nov-41    3 hrs    Premature Birth                 Mt View Free Baby Sect
Barksdate      Geo F                   Deming Hosp                       22-Nov-41  76y 2m 0d  Coronary Occulision             Row N lot 8 link Sect
English        Len S                   Deming Hosp                       23-Nov-41 81y 10m 0d  Carcimo of Stomach              Mt View McCoy Section
Rupe           Henry C                 Columbus NM                        2-Dec-41 69y 2m 11d  brain Hemorrhage                Las Cruces NM
Lucas          Nettie E                El Paso TX                         3-Dec-41 75y 10m 9d  Cardiac Failure                 Mt View Masonic
Chavez         Pedro                   423 E Pine                         5-Dec-41    6 hrs    Premature Birth                 Mt View Mex Free Sect
Rugel          May                     515 S Gold                         6-Dec-41 78y 1m 21d  Senile Dementia                 Mt View Masonic
Raithel        Margaret                118 S Iron                         7-Dec-41 84y 5m 26d  Coronary Thrombosis             Mt View K of P Sect
Mack           Antone                  Deming Hosp                        9-Dec-41     35y     Lung Abscess                    Mt View Pauper
Martin         Rosalie R               El Paso SW General Hosp           13-Dec-41  0y 10m 9d  AC Phinopharyngitis             Mt View Masonic
Sullivan       Walter                  110 N Iron                        17-Dec-41   Abt 60    Coronary Heart Disease          Lordsburg NM
Kras           Jr Frank A              508 S Copper                      24-Dec-41 47y 5m 16d  Apoplexy                        Mt View K of P Sect
Hudson         Mary Eugenia Ashes                                        16-Nov-39 87y 10m 20d                                 Mt View
Lemon          Edna S                  Auto Accident 1mil N of Florida St 2-Jan-42 60y 4m 16d  Unavoidable Accident            Englewood, CO
Letellier      Grover W                3mil E Hondo NM                   11-Jan-42  27y 3m 4d  Auto accident                   Perry OK
Bowers         Dan W                   323 S Granite                     14-Jan-42 62y 3m 20d  Coronary Heart Disease          Mt View
Phillips       James W                 622 S Nickel                      15-Jan-42 80y 9m 22d  Starvation Cancer of Throat     Mt View Row 1
Holguin        Gustavo Pillado                                           16-Jan-42     38y     Valvular Ht Disease             Mt View 5.00 Sect
Weaver         Lon C                   Deming Hosp                       18-Jan-42  51y 2m 7d                                  Mt View EG
Mosier         Vera U                  213 S Iron                        22-Jan-42 41y 1m 28d  Broncho Pneumonia               Cherryvalle KS
Weaver         Mary J                  S 8th St                          23-Jan-42 86y 5m 21d  Coronary Thrombosis             Mt View Lot 2 E 1/2 EG
Perez          Herman                  E 3rd St                           5-Feb-42    116y     Senility                        Mt View 5.00 Sect
Reagor         James D                 212 S Copper                       6-Feb-42 82y 7m 28d  Myocardial Ht Dise              Mt View Row 0 Lot 22
Cain           Lessie B                Roswell Auto Camp                 17-Feb-42  24y 7m 9d  Tuberculor Pneumonia            Los Angeles CA
Norton         Joe Hubert              Lost in Black Rng Mts             19-Feb-42  30y 9m 7d  Bones interred after 12 yrs     Mt View grave 1 row a Norton Sect
Boylie         Katherina A             Waterloo NM                       22-Feb-42  71y 3m 0d  Intestinal Obstruction          Mt View row A lot 46 McCoy
Arroilo        Louise                  N Deming Near Stock yards         23-Feb-42     75y     Cerebral Hemorrhage             Mt View Pauper Sect
Roman          Eligio Jr               318 E Cedar                       20-Mar-42 12y 8m 20d  T B Uremia                      Mt View 5.00 Sect
Aquirre        Marcos                  Tortugas NM                        1-Mar-42    19y      Stabbing                        Mt View 5.00 Sect
Armendarez     Jesus                   W 3rd St Deming                   28-Mar-42 85y 1m 26d  Senility                        Mt View 5.00 Sect
Thompson       Georgia                 518 S Diamond                      1-Apr-42    79y      Chronic Ht Myocarditis          Mt View Block EV
Eisele         Wm A Ashes              Los Angeles CA                    27-Apr-42 98y 7m 24d  See Cemetery Record             Mt View IOOF
Eisele         Richard C               Los Angeles CA                    27-Apr-42     66y     See Cemetery Record             Mt View IOOF
Moore          Josephine               Deming Hosp                       19-Apr-42  19y 4m 3d  Acute Bacterial Endocarditis    Batesville AK
Seaman         Mary Jane               500 S Sil Ave                      3-Apr-42 72y 0m 21d  Acute Angina                    Richland Center Wis
Duran          Sharalene               303 W 3rd St                       3-May-42   17 Days   Premature Birth                 Mt View Mex Free Sect
McCanlies      Guy E                   Silver City                        5-May-42   27y  48   Auto accident                   Mt View Bl EY McKenna Sect
Brdecko        Rose M                  Brdeco Farm                       14-May-42   9m 11d    Drowning in tub                 Mt View Free Baby Sect
Tellez         Marilla Medina                                            10-May-42     56y     Cardiac Decompensation          Mt View Mex Free Sect
Nordhaus       Morris A                Las Cruces                        14-May-42     59y     Amyotrophic Lateral Scheros     Mt View WOW
Bufard         Charlie Jr              Deming Hosp                       10-Jun-42 18y 0m 29d  Gun Shot Abdomen                Mt View Pauper Sect
Treviso        Refugio                 Rual Deming                        9-Jun-42 77y 11m 5d  Pneumonia                       Mt View Pauper Sect
Lozana         Virginia E              1000 S Iron                       13-Jun-42  80y 5m 0d  Obstruction of Intestn          Mt View 5.00 Sect
Quesada        Gregorio                S Diamond                         20-Jun-42     75y     Cerebral Hemorrhage             Mt View Free Sect
Sauder         Lillie                  Deming Hosp                       10-Jun-42 48y 11m 10d Gastric Hemorrhage              Norristown PA
Brem           Martin Lee              Filling Sta Deming                25-Jun-42 77y 10m 10d Tuberculasis Pulm               Annona TX
Torres         Lupe N                  Deming Hosp                        1-Jul-42 20y 6m 19d  Eslampsia toxemia Pregnacy      Mt View lot 23 r A McCoy Sect
Torres         Baby Sam                Demig Hosp                        28-Jun-42  0y 0m 0d   Still born                      Mt View Mex Free Sect
Charles        Douglas Ramon Trujillo  Wm Beaumont Hosp El Paso TX        5-Jul-42    4m 2d    Acute Bronco Pnemonia           Exact center of Norton Sect
John           Thomas Manning          Springfield OR                     6-Jul-42 48y 8m 19d  Coronary Occulision             Mt View lot res 47-48-49
Evans          Flora Mae                                                 17-Jul-42  0y 10m 1d  Acute Upper Resp Infection      Mt View lot 50
Tollie         Lee Wren                Tucson AZ                         10-Jul-42 55y 9m 10d  Cancer                          Mt View McCoy Section
Celia          Guadalupe Aguirre                                         10-Jul-42   5m 29d    Ulcerative Colitis              Mt View 5.00 Sect
John           Allen Hamilton          Rt 80 12mil E of Deming           23-Jul-42 30y 3m 12d  Auto accident                   Ancha NM
Frank          Joseph Herval           Ruebush Farm                      24-Jul-42 65y 9m 10d  Struck by lightning             Mt View lot 1 r McCoy
Rodolfo        Pinon Lopez             Deming Hosp                       26-Jul-42   23y 6m    Auto accident                   Mt View 5.00 Mex Sect
George         Tilford                 Gage Cambray NM overpass          31-Jul-42             Auto accident                   Dallas Tx
John           Chambers                133 N Silver                      31-Jul-42     65y     Natural Causes                  Mt View lot 2 Row A
Perfecto       Armenta Valles          318 S Ruby                         4-Aug-42 48y 3m 17d  Natural Causes                  El Paso TX
Rivera         Baby                                                       7-Aug-42    8m 2d    Enteritis Acute Type un
Rogers         Baby                    Deming Hosp                        4-Aug-42             Still born                      Mt View Free Baby Sect
Carabajal      Isaac                   Faywood NM Rural                  17-Aug-42 68y 2m 14d  Chronic Myocarditis             Dwyer NM
Cortez         Felix                                                     19-Aug-42   3m 17d    Acute Indigestion Premature     Mt View Mex Free Sect
Norton         Donald Wm               Deming Hosp                       21-Aug-42 41y 3m 28d  Shock Compression Injure        Artesia NM
Wright         Thelma June             Deming Hosp                       26-Aug-42   7m 20d    Acute Entero Colitis            Mt View lot 31 row E link Sect
Murhpey        Evander                 Deming Hosp                       29-Aug-42  43y 1m 6d  Broncho Pneumonia               Mt View row A lot 41 McCoy
Barksdale      Louis Nathan            Savannah MO                        3-Sep-42 67y 7m 27d  Coronary Schlerosis             Mt View SW 1/4 DX
McFerrin       John Breckenridge       Rt 1 Box 25 Deming                14-Sep-42  83y 0m 4d  Cancer of Liver                 Mt View Park Sect
Garcia         Elice                   311 S Ruby                        16-Sep-42  1y 3m 2d   Unknown                         Mt View Mex Free Sect
Chavez         Socora                                                    16-Sep-42    3m 8d    Acute Gastritis                 Mt View Mex Free Sect
Fresquez       Benita Lucera           314 E R R Ave                      7-Oct-42 32y 10m 22d Pulmonary TB                    Mt View lot 23 row T link
Hernandez      Maria Reina             314 S Ruby                        26-Oct-42   9m 23d    Natural Causes                  Mt View Mex Sect
Farrah         Wm                      Deming Hosp                        3-Nov-42  63y 1m 0d  Cardiac Failure                 Mt View Pauper Sect
Mier           Marin B                 W 2nd St Deming                   18-Nov-42  79y 4m 0d  Coronary Occulision             Mt View Mier Blk
Biggs          John Orwin              517 S Gold                        22-Nov-42 89y 6m 11d  Carcinoma of Stomach            Mt View W2 GI Park Sect
Durrington     John Wm                 Columbus NM                       27-Nov-42 77y 10m 2d  Unknown
Shape          Ella E                  El Encanto San LA CAI             12-Nov-42 91y 4m 15d  Gen Artero Sclerosis            Mt View United Workman
Keil           Wm P                    Lake Valley NM                    29-Nov-42 84y 9m 24d  Acute Myocardal                 Mt View lot 39 row A McCoy
Simmons        Elenor May              Rural Deming                       1-Dec-42  51y 6m 0d  Gun Shot Wound by Wm Simmons    Mt View lot 14 row R link
Simmons        Wm Price                Rural Deming                       1-Dec-42 58y 1m 24d  Gus Shot Wound self inflicted   Mt View lot 15 row R link
Enciso         Nicola                  Deming NM                          6-Dec-423 1/2 hrs oldPremature Birth                 Mt View Mex Free Sect
Peregrino      Eulogia Sera            Cor Cedar & Ruby                  27-Dec-42 48y 9m 16d  Chronic Myocarditis             Mt View Mex Free Sect
Mahoney        Ella Broderick          Cor Spruce & Gold                 31-Dec-42 73y 6m 10d  Chronic Myocarditis             Mt View WOW
Bacon          Frank O                 Deming Hosp                        4-Jan-43     70y     Acute Pulmonary Edema           El Paso TX
Dowdle         Cleo Cochran            320 S Tin                         23-Jan-43  39y 5m 4d  Acute Moncytic Leukemia         Mt View Masonic
Munoz          Ramon                   Rural Deming                      26-Jan-43     81y     Lobar Pneumonia                 Mt View Pauper
Garcia         Leonardo Sagarnaga      E RR Ave                           1-Feb-43  54y 3m 3d  Peritonitis Rupture Septic Gall Mt View 5.00
Snyder         Fred                    Burlington KS                     11-Feb-43 74y 1m 24d  Ht Failure due to ArtereoclerosiMt View lot 35 & 36 Walker Sect
Tapia          Lorenzo                 504 S Pearl Dg                    12-Feb-43  70y 7m 2d  Septic Poisoning Amp of left fooMt View 5.00 Sect
Clair          Edna Laura              Columbus NM                       18-Feb-43 55y 6m 25d  Acute Pulmonary Edema           Mt View row A Walker Sect
Aldez          Maria Adediada                                             3-Mar-43   2m 22d    Broncho Pneumonia               Mt View Mex Baby Sect
Williams       Josephine               113 N Gold Dg                     11-Mar-43 88y 5m 11d  Acute Bronco Pnemonia           Mt View lot 8 row K link sec
Latham         Archibald B             Lake Valley NM                    12-Feb-43  68y 3m 3d  Heart trouble sudden            Lake Valley Ranch House
Aguilar        Luz Trejo de            323 S Ruby Dg                      8-Mar-43 47y 5m 12d  Apoplexy Arterio Schlerosis     El Paso TX
Luxton         Alfred George           618 S Gold                        13-Mar-43 83y 6m 2dd  Valvular Ht Disease             Mt View
Barksdale      Baby                    El Paso TX                        15-Mar-43             Cord Accident shortly before delivery
Jimmenes       Marie                   Deming NM                         20-Mar-43             Premature Birth                 Mt View Baby Sect
Chavez         Baby Jose M             Deming NM                         21-Mar-43             Still born                      Mt View Free Baby Sect
Waddell        Louis James             208 W Cedar                       18-Mar-43 52y 4m 11d  Cancer of liver                 Mt View 5.00 Sect
Niederkor      Michael E               Rural E of Deming                 21-Mar-43 53y 1m 21d  Coronary Thrombosis             Mt View lot 3 row F link Sect
Alderete       Lasara                  Deming NM                         22-Mar-43  13y 3m 5d  Lobar Pneumonia
Lindauer       Samuel                  Demig Hosp                        26-Mar-43     78y     Arteriosclerosis Cardis         Mt View lot 43 row A McCoy
Smith          Eady Jane               115 Eleventh St                    2-Apr-43 62y 2m 16d  Valvular Ht Disease             Mt View lot 43 row A McCoy
Page           Wm A                    414 1/2 S Platinum                 6-Apr-43  85y 4m 5d  Cardio Rivel Vascular drain     Mt View Side of Wife Sunset
Flynn          Baby                    Deming Hosp                        7-Apr-43             Still born                      Mt View Link Baby Sect
Arviza         Guadalupe V J           Deming Hosp                        8-Apr-43 45y 7m 28d  Peritonitis Perlorated Ulcer    Palomas MX
Holguin        Baby Manuel T           Deming Hosp                       11-Apr-43             Still born                      Mt View 5.00 Sect
Puschell       Paulline                Mesa AZ                           14-Apr-43     66y     Diabetes                        Mt View S 1/2 SE 1/4 DV Walker
Sullivan       John Joseph             315 W Hemlock                     17-Apr-43 86y 0m 28d  Broncho Pneumonia               Mt View Sullivan Plot Park
Esquivel       Elvira Moya             Gold & Cedar                      18-Apr-43  45y om 4d  TB                              Mt View Free Sect
Thorn          Martin Luther           Rural Deming                      20-Apr-43  84y 2m 5d  Uremia Arterioschlerosis        Mt View lot 27 & 28 row 1 Link Sec
Dominguez      Felicitas M             Deming Hosp                       29-Apr-43   84y 9m    Myocardial Ht Dise              Mt View 5.00 Sect
Hindman        Gibson                  220 N Granite                      3-May-43 28y 0m 18d  TB                              Jacksonville AK
Howeth         Wm Tallie               414 E Spruce                       5-May-43 47y 1m 23d  Apoplexy Arterio Schlerosis     Mt View row V lot 7 Link Sec
Graves         Baby Wm Jr              Deming Hosp                        7-May-43             Premature Birth                 Mt View Link Baby Sect
Smith          Robertson Bertrand      Deming Hosp                       11-May-43  76y 8m 4d  Cerebral Hemorrhage             Holy Cross Cemetery
Lozano         Cruz G                  SW Gen Hosp El Paso, TX           11-May-43   55y 8d    Subdural Hematomas of Brain     Mt View 5.00 Mex Sect
Barbee         Billie Ray              Deming Hosp                       23-May-43             Premature Birth                 Mt View Link Baby Sect
Negrete        Etren                   Columbus NM                       23-May-43                                             Columbus NM
Hollingsworth  Walter                  Los Angeles CA                    30-May-43 80y 5m 12d  Chronic Myocarditis             Mt View Hollingsworth Pl Masonic
Salas          Jesus                   Deming Hosp                        1-Jun-43             Still born                      Mt View Mex Sect
Sidey          Ray David               315 W Hemlock                      1-Jun-43 59y 11m 19d Coronary Thrombosis             Mt View res 1/2 SE 1/4 DX
Salas          Baby Jose               Deming Hosp                        3-Jun-43     2d      Premature Birth                 Mt View Mex Baby Sect
Robinson       George D                SW Gen Hosp El Paso, TX            6-Jun-43 66y 3m 25d  Abscess of Liver                Mt View Masonic
Absalam        Garnet                  Gibson Ranch E of Columbus        12-Jun-43  68y 3m 6d  Cardiac Dropsy                  Mt View SE Cor Florida Sect
DeLao          Lorenzo                 Deming Hosp                       15-Jun-43     15d     Birth injury undetermined       Mt View Mex Baby Sect
Forbes         Wm Bill                 Deming Hosp                       21-Jun-43 55y 2m 16d  Carcinoma of Liver              Mt View Pauper Sect
Villa          Juanita                 Deming Hosp                       24-Jun-43    5m 5d    Pneumonia                       Mt View Mex Baby Sect
Randle         Imogene Baldwin         Deming Hosp                        2-Jul-43 25y 1m 15d  Thrombosis                      Mt View lot 41 row A Walker Sec
Acosta         Noemi                   Deming Hosp                        4-Jul-43     4d      Appendectomy of mother          Mt View Mex Free Sect
Mahoney        Joseph Alfonso          Deming Hosp                        5-Jul-43  79y 3m 1d  Hypertension & Chronic MyocarditMt View WOW Sect
Green          Herbert Dyson           Deming Hosp                        8-Jul-43  71y 1m 8d  Uremia Glomanto Nephritis       Mt View Masonic
Mitchell       Nancy Carrol            110 S Pearl                       15-Jul-43   10 hrs    Weakness failure in development Mt View Link Baby Sect
Coon           Frank Ross              Bank Apt Dg                       15-Jul-43 74y 3m 15d                                  Albquerque NM
Coryell        Peggy Va                Deming Hosp                       21-Jul-43     6m      Entero Colitis                  Mt View Link Baby Sect
Molina         Manuel B                Deming Hosp                       23-Jul-43    2m 9d    Pneumonia                       Mt View Mex Baby Sect
Venavides      Maria Vernice           422 W 1st Deming                  25-Jul-43     1d      Premature Birth                 Mt View Pauper Sect
Dodds          Jane Lee                Deming Hosp                       31-Jul-43     7d      Convulsions Enteritis undiagnoseMt View Mex Baby Sect
Mendoza        Baby                    Deming Hosp                        2-Aug-43     1d      Hemorrhage diathisis            Mt View Mex Baby Sect
Dominguez      Maria                   Deming Hosp                        4-Aug-43    3 hrs    Premature Birth                 Mt View Mex Baby Sect
Villegos       Ramona                  Vanadium NM                       17-Aug-43   11m 16d   Dysentery                       Mt View Mex Baby Sect
Telles         Rufina                  Hwy 26 Florida & Nut              22-Aug-43    20y      Accidental Drowning             Hanover NM
Candelaria     Dora                    Hatch Hwy 26 Florida & Nut        22-Aug-43 28y 8m 25d  Accidental Drowning             Hatch NM
Candelaria     Lydia                   Hatch Hwy 26 Florida & Nut        22-Aug-43 30y 9m 12d  Accidental Drowning             Hatch NM
Candelaria     Leanidas T              Hatch Hwy 26 Florida & Nut        22-Aug-43 25y 10m 17d Accidental Drowning             Hatch NM
Wright         Kenneth Ray             303 W 2nd St                      24-Aug-43   1m 14d    Gastritis                       Mt View Link Baby Sect
Reyes          Dolores Ann             Deming Hosp                       24-Aug-43    6m 4d    Lobar Pneumonia                 Redlands CA
Chacon         Roberto                 Juarez Addition Dg                29-Aug-43   6m 16d    Entero Colitis Acute            Mt View Mex Baby Sect
Fox            Short Georgia           Deming Hosp                       31-Aug-43  63y 0m 6d  Chronic Myocarditis             Mt View row G lot 34 Link sec
Garcia         Refugio                 Cedar St Deming                    1-Sep-43 77y 1m 27d  Heart Disease                   Mt View 5.00 Sect
Sage           Charles F               312 S Tin                          2-Sep-43 72y 10m 17d Uremia Coma Myocarditis         Mt View Masonic
Dominguez      Socorro                 416 E Birch                       26-Sep-43   5 1/2m    Broncho Pneumonia               Mt View Mex Baby Sect
Darling        John Francis            Deming Hosp                       27-Sep-43     3d      Undetermined Probably HemonaghitMt View IOOF
Smith          Wm Boyd                 110 N Copper Dg                   28-Sep-43 59y 11m 21d Myocardial Ht Dise              Mt View Masonic
Thompson       Mark W                  Peninger Farm E of Dg             29-Sep-43  51y 5m 7d  Cerebral Hemorrhage             Mt View
Maybin         Wm John                 606 S Diamond                      2-Oct-43 76y 10m 6d                                  Virden NM
Steed          Pickney Minor           622 S Iron                        18-Oct-43 72y 2m 18d  Coronary Occulision             Mt View Masonic
Nunez          Isabel Rios             514 W Cedar                       30-Oct-43 84y 3m 22d  Diabetic Coma                   Mt View 5.00 Sect
Murrah         Lonnie H Jr             Kerns Auto Camp                    6-Nov-43 15y 7m 29d  BulbarPalsy Anterior PoliomylitiMt View lot 12 Blk 2 McCoy Sect
Haussner       Mary Elizabeth          63 Florida Vista                  10-Nov-43     19y     Lobar Pneumonia                 White Bear Lake Minn
Delgado        Marcelino M             Rt 2 Box 35 Dg                    15-Nov-43 79y 5m 14d  Coronary Occulision             Mt View 5.00 Sect
Abeyta         Cesario                 308 S Diamon                      17-Nov-43     7d      Premature Birth                 Mt View Mex Baby Sect
Maynes         Baby Jose Parra         Deming Hosp                       21-Nov-43     3d      Unknown probably birth injury   Mt View Mex Baby Sect
Dunklin        Lucy                    622 S Tin                          2-Dec-43 49y 10m 17d Rupture Coronary                Mt View Masonic
Montoya        Pedro T                 Hwy 80 4mil E of Dg                3-Dec-43 58y 3m 28d  Unavoidable Auto Accident       Hot Springs NM
Hinds          Silas Dean              Dowdle Farm E of Dg               14-Dec-43  8y 5m 27d  Tubercular Meningitis           Mt View Free Sect
McCartney      Roberta June            Las Vegas NM                      14-Dec-43 17y 9m 29d  Hypostatic Pneu                 Mt View Blk HE Park Sect
Herrera        Jose Arturo             Deming Hosp                       17-Dec-43    1m 4d    Lobar Pneumonia                 Columbus NM
Marcak         Dennis E                Farm SW of Deming                 20-Dec-43  1y 6m 27d  Tubercular meningitis           Mt View Link Baby Sect
Cooper         Lawrence A              Mimbre Hot Springs                20-Dec-43 52y 11m 16d Heart Weakness following influenMt View Masonic
Gomez          Florencio               503 S Platinum                    20-Dec-43 65y 10m 3d  Carcinoma of Stomach            Mt View Free Sect
Vallejos       Remijio Raymond         407 S Platinum                    21-Dec-43   6m 27d    Starvation Severe Diarrhea      Mt View Free Baby Sect
Rolly          John                    Hicks Place Across tracks         26-Dec-43 49y 10m 4d  Influenza                       Mt View lot 3 row A Norton Sect
Donaldson      Chalmar O               221 W Maple Dg                    30-Dec-43 74y 4m 17d  Broncho Pneumonia               Mt View lot 43 row A Walker Sec
Arlebg         Betty                   Akela NM                           7-Jan-44  83y 9m 3d  Broncho Pneumonia               Mt View Masonic
Goldstein      Henry                   118 Locust Ave                     4-Jan-44 73y 7m 19d  Gen Artero Sclerosis            Mt View Masonic
Brooks         Ray Everett             Deming Hosp                       12-Jan-44     3d      Premature Birth                 Mt View Link Baby Sect
Carroll        Alice May               Kingston NM                       11-Jan-44   93y 17d                                   Kingston NM
Kuhn           Joseph                  Deming Hosp                       13-Jan-44 72y 7m 17d  Myocarditis Influenza           Mt View lot 3 row B McCoy Sect
Madrid         Mike Herrera            401 Klondike St                   12-Jan-44   11m 24d   Chronic Gastro Enteritis        Mt View 5.00 Sect
Bautista       Librada                 Rural Deming                      14-Jan-44     59y     Ruptured Gastric Ulcer HemorrhagMt View Free Sect
Young          Emma C                  Hachita NM                        16-Jan-44  88y 3m 5d                                  Hachita NM
Pena           Senovia                 Faywood NM                        16-Jan-44 90y 3m 13d  Influenza & old age             Mt View Free Sect
Gray           James Luther            Deming                            17-Jan-44 67y 11m 26d Apoplexy Bronchial Asthma ChroniMt View WOW
Dines          Harry Ernest Jr         El Paso TX                        18-Jan-44    23y      Hodgkins Disease                Mt View K of P Sect
Bullington     James Rbt               Deming Hosp                       20-Jan-44  70y 3m 5d                                  Mt View lot 8 row B Link Sect
Almy           Mary Emma Darrow        El Paso TX                         1-Feb-44  91y 5m 0d  Senility Gastro Intestinal Dist.Mt View Masonic
Salsbury       Charles M               220 S Granite                      1-Feb-44 70y 6m 21d  Sudden Heart Attack             Walsenburg CO
Snyder         George                  Silver City                        2-Feb-44 83y 5m 25d  Bronchial Pneumonia             Mt View blk EF Walker Sect
Evans          Edna Belle              Columbus NM                        4-Feb-44 63y 10m 5d  Carcinoma of Stomach            Mt View lot 4 row B McCoy Sect
Pride          Sallie Louise           Lordsburg NM                       6-Feb-44 67y 11m 27  Cardiac Failure                 Mt View SW 1/4 DP Walker Sect
James          Elizabeth Heyn          Deming Hosp                       11-Feb-44 65y 1m 29d  Appendicitia Acute              Albuquerque NM
Chavez         Jesus A                 321 S Diamond                     17-Feb-44 72y 11m 5d  Myocardial Failure              Mt View Free Sect
Sebring        Mary Ann E              Deming Hosp                       23-Feb-44  78y 5m 4d  Acute Lobar Pneumonia           Mt View lot 24 row R Link Sect
Dachtler       George E                Apt 20 Florida Vista FHP          28-Feb-44 70y 11m 13d Acute Nephritis                 Elyria OH
Herrera        Theresa Chacon          Deming Hosp                        1-Mar-44    24y      Postpartum Hemorrhage           Mt View 5.00 Sect
Brown          Thomas Joseph           220 S Nickel                       2-Mar-44   72y 22d   Dropped dead                    Mt View Lot 15 row A Norton Sect
Ursini         Cora Lynn               519 W Spruce                       3-Feb-44             Still born                      Mt View Link Baby Sect
Williamson     Thomas Hoomes           Deming Hosp                        5-Feb-44  65y 7m 7d  Myocarditis                     Mt View row A lot 28 McCoy Sect
Graham         John Wm                 Kingston NM                       23-Feb-44 80y 10m 23d Coronary Occulision             Mt View Masonic
Luxton         Louise                  Las Vegas NM                      25-Feb-44 83y 2m 22d  Bronchial Pneumonia             Mt View K of P Sect
Brown          Harold Congdon          El Paso TX                        25-Feb-44 60y 9m 27d  Prostatic Hypertrophy           Mt View Masonic
Soliz          Feliciana Torres        Dwyer NM                           1-Apr-44     70y     Cardial Renal                   Dwyer NM
Lozano         Sixto                   1101 S Iron                       15-Apr-44   88y 10m   Cardiac Failure                 Mt View 5.00 Mex Sect
Bounds         Young                   Walker ranch home N of Separ NM    6-May-44 65y 6m 29d  Coronary Thrombosis             Mt View lot 31 row I Link Sect
Currie         Emmett Houston          Faro West of Deming                9-May-44 68y 8m 18d  Acute Myocarditis               Mt View lot 21 row L Park Sect
Delgado        Dolores M               Wallis Addition Rt 2               9-May-44 85y 1m 22d  Carcinoma of Stomach            Mt View 5.00 Sect
Evans          Jean J                  Columbus NM                       18-Nov-18  3y 2m 11d  Pneumonia                       Mt View row B lot 6 McCoy Sect
Armijo         Eloy                    304 S Pearl                       30-May-44   11m 14d   Lobar Pneumonia                 Mt View row DD Link Baby sect
Palomares      Evangelina              Hachita NM                                      5m                                      Hachita NM
Morgan         Cora Estelle            El Paso TX                         3-Jun-44   82y 9m    Senility                        Mt View Masonic
Bowman         Monroe Bentley          Apt 302 Florida                   14-Jun-44  41y 7m 5d  Excessive Anemia due to CarcinomMt View lot 31 row J Link Sect
Kelly          Baby                    Deming Hosp                       17-Jun-44             Still born                      Ship to Lake Charles LA
Anderson       Luther Dewitt           Gage NM                           17-Jun-44 56y 7m 10d  Accidental Gun Shot             Mt View lot 22 row L Park Sect
Maybin         Erna Lee                Deming Hosp                       23-Jun-44             Still born                      Mt View Link Baby Sect
Almeraz        Josephine Salas         1115 S Ruby                        2-Jul-44    8hrs     Premature Birth                 Mt View 5.00 Sect
Chasco         Leonidas                308 S Pearl                       11-Jul-44     49y     Natural Causes                  Mt View 5.00 Sect
Allen          Geraldine Leland        Demig Hosp                        26-Jul-44             Still born                      Mt View lot 17 blk DD Link Baby S
Hall           John Henry Dee Forest   Tonopah NV                        21-Jul-44 29y 6m 17d  Fractured Skull                 Mt View lots 20 & 21 Row B McCoy
Bryant         John Henry              314 W 3rd                          6-Aug-44   44y 1m    Gunshot Homicide                Kerns TX
Aguirre        Miguel                  Central NM                        21-Aug-44  53y 5m 2d  Stab Wounds Homicide            Mt View 5.00 Mex Sect
Hart           Frederick Wally         Florida Mt                        21-Aug-44   14y 3d    Accidental Fall                 Mt View lot 16 blk 11 McCoy Sect
Villa          Jose                    N of Tracks                       25-Aug-44   5m 15d    Acute Diarrhea                  Mt View Free Baby Sect
Barnett        James Wm                Silver City                       12-Sep-44 87y 7m 10d  Probably Senility               Mt View lot 20 row P Link Sect
Rosa           S Esperanza             Deming Hosp                       26-Sep-44     21d     Spina Befida                    Mt View Free Sect
Enciso         Pedro                   Deming Hosp                        3-Oct-44    5m 5d    Acute Entera Collitis           Mt View Free Sect
Chavez         Rosita V                Deming Hosp                       10-Oct-44   7m 23d    Acute Enteritis Dehydr          Mt View Free Sect
Giron          Albina S                404 S Diamond                     19-Oct-44     84y     SenilityCarcinoma of Stomach    Mt View Free Sect
Sepulveda      Ester Otero             Columbus NM                       19-Oct-44     56y     Brain Hemorrhage                Columbus NM
Gonzalez       Maria Ana               504 S Ruby                        20-Oct-44    5m 7d    Broncho Pneumonia               Mt View Mex Free Sect
Sainz          Socorro                 El Paso TX                        10-Nov-44 22y 7m 21d  Acute Myclitis                  Mt View 5.00 Mex Sect
Cartmell       Frank                   Deming Hosp                       27-Nov-44 75y 5m 27d  Auto accident                   Ship to Kansas City MO
Stockwell      Walter Ernest 3rd       Kerns Auto Camp                   28-Nov-44    3m 3d                                    AZ
Chaires        Maria Ignacia           208 S Pearl                        1-Dec-44 75y 5m 22d  Gastric Hemorrhage              Mt View Mex 5.00 Sect
Trujilla       Fidela M                Columbus Rd Box 1A                 2-Dec-44 57y 7m 16d  Cancer of Stomack               Mt View lot 10 blk 11 McCoy Sect
Partwood       Lon Vaden               Silver City                        4-Dec-44   70y 19d   Essential Hypertension          NM Crematory
Phillips       Viola Virginia Watkins  Deming Hosp                       27-Dec-44 18y 6m 17d  Gen Peritonitis                 Mt View lot 16 blk 5 McCoy Sect
Bennett        Eva Toler               Silver City                       29-Dec-44  68y 8m 7d  Probably Coronary Thombosis     Mt View Masonic
Rodriquez      Francisco               400 Juarez Add                     5-Jan-45  17y 1m 2d  Gen Peritonitis Appen PerforatioMt View Mex 5.00 Sect
Gray           John Albert             Gage NM                           11-Jan-45  8y 6m 18d  Auto accident                   Mt View Masonic
Jasso          Inez A                  Rural near Stockyard              15-Jan-45 46y 8m 25d  Acute Pancreatitis              Mt View Mex 5.00 Sect
Karr           George S                6mil S of Silver City             16-Jan-45 76y 9m 22d  Natural Causes                  Mt View row A lot 4 Walker Sect
Vargas         Enrique                 Safeway Parking lot N Silver      16-Jan-45  50y 2m 5d  Natural Causes Heart Failure    Ship to Taos NM
Serna          Alejandro               Deming Hosp                        3-Feb-45 29y 8m 28d  Hemorrhage of brain Auto AccidenMt View Mex 5.00 Sect
Garcia         Rosalia Martinez        Columbus Rd                       17-Feb-45     69y     Hemorrhage                      Mt View Mex 5.00 Sect
Hernandez      Felipa Montes           Columbus Rd RFD Box4              15-Feb-45     88y     Acute Myocarditis               Mt View Mex 5.00 Sect
Westover       Jordan Ed               20mil S of Deming                 25-Feb-45 26y 10m 27d Auto accident self inflicted    Lordsburg NM
Abeyta         Pedro                   214 S Ruby                        25-Feb-45 60y 2m 28d  Chronic Interstitial Nephritis  Mt View Mex 5.00 Sect
Pengelly       Lotus Lei               14mil NE of Deming Hatch Hwy       6-Mar-45    7y 9m    Auto Accident                   Hillsboro NM
Gardner        James Edwin             123 N Copper                       6-Apr-45             Still born death in uterus due tMt View lot 17 row Q Link Sect
Villa          Estfana Vega            Home N of Ruby                    14-Apr-45     34y     Post Partum Hemmorrhage UnderterMt View Free Sect
Maybin         Roxie Anna              606 S Diamond                     14-Apr-45  80y 9m 6d                                  Virden NM
Bays           Gomer Tommie            15mil S of Deming on way hosp      1-May-45 33y 11m 26d Gus shot wound                  Mt View reserve lot 2
Barrasso       Louis Savino Sr         Enroute to hospital                1-May-45 53y 3m 15d  Auto Accident tire blowout      Tucson AZ
Parks          Ben Franklin            Lake Valley NM                     1-May-45 92y 4m 18d  Cerebral Hemorrhage             Lake Valley NM
Hill           Alexander               Deming Hosp                       15-May-45 80y 10m 2d  Uremic Poisoning                Mt View lot 11 blk 14 McCoy Sect
Cortez         Juan                    Deming Hosp                       31-May-45             Still Born                      Mt View Mex Baby Sect
Previtt        Ollie Ellison           Deming                             4-Jun-45 46y 11m 26d Gen Pelvic Carcinoma            Mt View lot 25 row B
Morales        Julietta Giron          Deming Hosp                       16-Jun-45 33y 11m 20d Puepuel Sepsis & Com miscarriageMt View lot 5 blk 16 McCoy Sect
Brussel        Karl Albert             30mil SW of Deming                22-Jun-45 12y 11m 13d Gun shot wound accidental       Mt View lot 6 blk 15 McCoy Sect
Brown          Molly                   Deming Hosp                       28-Jun-45             Still Born                      Mt View Mex Baby Sect
Villa          Josefa                  218 W 2nd                         13-Jul-45  77y 4m 8d  Cardo Renal Vascular Disease    Mt View 5.00 Sect
Castenada      Maracelina R            412 Hemlock                       19-Jul-45    90y      Acute Nephritis                 Mt View  lot 4 blk 16 McCoy Sect
Wilson         Ray Cecil               701 S Spruce                      28-Jul-45  43y 3m 7d  Coronary Thrombosis             Mt View lot 3 Row G Park Sect
Cheek          Melvin Wesley           Santa Rita Hosp                    4-Aug-45 33y 10m 23d Pneumonia Lympnotic Leukemia    Mt View lot 44 row B McCoy Sect
Brewer         Arthur R                16mil E of Deming                 27-Aug-45 56y 8m 19d  Accident impact of two trucks   Silver City NM
Green          John Guy                Rural Deming                      27-Aug-45 56y 8m 10d  Accident impact of two trucks   Anthony NM
Trujillo       Benigna Lopez           Hotel Dieu E Paso TX               8-Sep-45 55y 10m 28d Cerebral Hemorrhage             Mt View lot 37 row B McCoy Sect
Holguin        Pabla T                 Deming Hosp                        8-Sep-45 55y 10m 22d Cerebral embolism               Mt View lot 38 row B McCoy Sect
Macias         Luis                    1023 S Ruby                       25-Sep-45  98y 3m 2d  Senility                        Mt View Mex 5.00 Sect
Mullin         Emma Ruth               Masonic Hosp El Paso TX           28-Sep-45 80y 11m 20d Carcinoma Left Breast           Mt View Masonic
Carney         Edward Michael          El Paso TX                         1-Oct-45 71y 11m 15d Cerebral Hemorrhage             Mt View Walker Sect
Delao          Luis Remejello          Deming Hosp                        2-Oct-45    3m       Infantile Diarrea               Mt View
Valles         John                    Deming Hosp                        4-Oct-45             Still Born                      Mt View Mex Free Sect
Warren         Agnes                   700 S Copper                      21-Oct-45  83y 2m 8d  Senility                        Mt View IOOF
Cera           Manuel                  401 S Cedar                       28-Oct-45 62y 5m 12d  Apoplexy Arterio Schlerosis     Mt View 5.00 Mex Sect
O'Leary        John C                  El Paso TX                        29-Oct-45     66y     Coronary Occulision             Mt View lot 32 row A Walker Sect
Donaldson      Mary Lucinda            221 W Maple Dg                     4-Nov-45 74y 10m 14d Cerebral Hemorrhage             Mt View lot 42 row A Walker Sect
Lopez          Encarnacion             518 W Cedar                        6-Nov-45  72y 8m 3d  Senility                        Mt View Mex 5.00 Sect
Pierce         Effie Ellen             218 W Poplar                       9-Nov-45  81y 4m 1d  Natural Causes                  Mt View lot 14 blk 2 McCoy Sect
Loera          Miguel                  Rt 2 Deming                        5-Dec-45    76y      Pulmonary TB                    Mt View 5.00 Sect
Chavez         Celia                   Deming Hosp                        6-Dec-45 18y 11m 2d  Endocarditis                    Mt View 5.00 Sect
Odenbaugh      Edward Nelson           211 S Iron                        17-Dec-45  74y 4m 9d                                  Sunnyside Mausaleum Long Beach CA
Thayer         Sidney O                Between Silver &Platinum on Spruce20-Dec-45             Natural Causes                  Ship to C.Henry Genurg Funeral Home Waterloo NY
Pacheco        Mrs Jesus C             Box 5 Rt 1 Columbus Rd            28-Dec-45   75y 8m    Flu & Pneumonia                 Mt View lot 9 blk 14 McCoy
Sainz          Juliot T                Deming Hosp                       29-Dec-45 62y 8m 14d  Internal Hemorrhage Auto AccidenMt View lot 2 Howe Sect
Winn           Felix                                                      5-Dec-45     5d
Linton         Clair Franklin          Luna Co Jail                       2-Jan-46 29y 5m 29d                                  York PA
Cathey         Emma Agnes              Adams St Hatch NM                 12-Jan-46 69y 8m 12d  Expired before doc. Arrived     Mt View lot 3 blk 2 Howe Sect
Sharp          Josie May               9mil W hwy 80 Deming              13-Jan-46 38y 2m 29d  Auto Accident                   Abilene TX
Rodriquez      Faustine                Juarez Addition Dg                28-Jan-46 52y 11m 16d Carcinoma of Stomach            Mt View 5.00
Voiers         Henry Adolph            137 N Silver                      13-Feb-46 61y 6m 11d  Bronchogenic Carcinoma          Mt View lot 12 blk 8 McCoy
Medina         Natividad               427 Columbus Rd                   23-Feb-46     40y     Pulmonary TB                    Mt View lot 6 blk 2 Howe Sect
Mound          Merle James             305 S Nickel                      27-Feb-46  42y 5m 2d  Coronary Thrombosis             Durango CO
Sires          Baby Boy                Deming Hosp                        2-Mar-46             Still Born                      Mt View Link Baby Sect
Leupold        Fanny Vierling          122 W Pine                        28-Feb-46  76y 9m 7d  Angina Pectoris Myocardit       Mt View Masonic
Amalla         Concepcion Rascon       Rural Deming                      31-Mar-46  49y 9m 8d  Cancer of Stomach
Braun          Charles A               Deming Court                      3-Apr-104 62y 11m 19d Apoplexy                        Buffalo NY
Chambers       Julia Rebecca           Deming Hosp                        8-Apr-46   27y 5m    Auto Accident                   Adamsville TX
Watts          Virginia M Johnson      Akela NM                           8-Apr-46  76y 3m 1d  Coronary Thrombosis             Kermit TX
Stout          Wm B                    Demig                             19-Apr-46 73y 3m 18d  Senility                        Mt View lot 2 row A McCoy
Enciso         Silverio                Sold Casket only                  21-Apr-46     10m                                     Mt View Mex Baby Sect
Quizada        Paz                     Boca Grande-Chih-MX               23-Apr-46    8y 2m    Acute Infectious Hepetexis OrganPalomas MX
Reyes          Santiago Chavez         321 S Diamond                     29-Apr-46  63y 9m 4d  Diabetes Meilitis               Mt View lot 7 blk 16 McCoy
Lam            Andrew Jackson Jr       12mil W of Columbus NM            17-May-46             Fell from moving train          Ship to Shenandoah VA
Bedinger       Henry Clay 3rd          Star Rt Deming                     3-Jun-46 76y 8m 15d  Spontaneous Pneumothorax        Mt View lot 14 row A McCoy
Evans          Roy A                   Vet Hosp Albqu                     6-Jun-46 51y 5m 25d  TB Pulm Far Advanced Asnathic   Mt View Black IV Cooley Sect
Murillo        Benita Lujan            201 E 2nd                         11-Jun-46     83y     Apoplexy                        Mt View lot 11blk 11 McCoy
Swartz         Camilla Leyba           E Pine                            12-Jun-46 83y 10m 28d Cerebral Hemorrhage             Mt View lot 10 blk Howe Sect
Wilcox         Clinton Mason           Deming Hosp                       13-Jun-46 71y 10m 4m  Intestinal Obstruction          Mt View lot 15 blk 5 McCoy
Chavez         Senovia Narvaiz         400 N Zinc                        28-Jun-46     59y     Cerebral Hemorrhage             Mt View lot 15 row V Link Sect
Phillips       Carlene                 Rural Deming                       2-Aug-46   1m 15d    Malnutrition & dehydration      Mt View lot 11 row DD Link Baby
Hamilton       Wm F                    SP hosp San Francisco CA           3-Aug-46   57y 10d   Cardiac dilatation              Mt View lot 8 row G Park Sect
Franks         John Lewis              Deming Hosp                       15-Aug-46   71y 1d    Congestive Heart Failure        Mt View lot 4 blk 1 Howe
Orosco         Juan                    Deming Hosp                       20-Aug-46 77y 1m 27d  Senility                        Mt View lot 6 blk 1 Howe
Hyde           Theodore Roosevelt      E Hwy 80                          20-Aug-46 42y 11m 6d  Natural Causes                  Ship to Strong-ThorneMortuary Albq
Snider         Helen Lucille           Deming Hosp                       24-Aug-46    10min    Premature Birth                 Mt View lot 17 row Q Link Sect
McHugh         Bonnie Lamarr           Deming Hosp                       27-Aug-46 38y 11m 23d Congestive Heart Failure        Atlanta GA
Olivas         Maria Rivera de         223 E 1st                         16-Sep-46  48y 5m 1d  Coronary Thrombosis             Mt View lot 5 blk 1 Howe Sect
Barreras       Elvira                  Deming Hosp                       18-Sep-46             Still Born spinia befida        Mt View Mex Free Sect
Swem           Wm Edward               Deming Hosp                       18-Sep-46     77y     Senility                        Mt View lot 4 row A Norton Sect
Duran          Solia Renteria          P & S Hosp                        23-Sep-46 72y 2m 27d  Congestive Heart Failure        Mt View Mex 5.00 Sect
Sires          Mary Rosa Lee           Deming Hosp                        1-Oct-46   10 min    Premature Birth                 Mt View Link Baby Sect
Sainz          Jaime                   Deming Hosp                        1-Oct-46   4m 17d    Acute Gastro Enteritis          Mt View Mex Free Sect
Maynes         Angela Guzman           1006 S Gold                       11-Oct-46   59y 9d    Cholecystitis Acute Suppuration Mt View lot 34 row B McCoy
Steed          Wm Ernest               Kansas City MO                     9-Oct-46 39y 5m 27d  Subarachnoid Hemorrhage         Mt View Masonic
Hoagland       Robert Jospeh           Hotel Dieu E Paso TX              22-Oct-46    1m 1d    Premature Birth                 Mt View blk EH Walker Sect
Lopez          Jose Madrid             18mil E of Dg                     29-Oct-46  50y 2m 5d  Fell from moving train          Silver City NM
Gonzales       Guadalupe Sarate de     Rt 2 Box 38                        2-Nov-46 75y 10m 27d Cerebral Hemorrhage             Mt View lot 11 blk 2 Howe Sect
Chavez         Felipa Portillo         514 S Diamond                     10-Nov-46 67y 10m 13d Cardiac Failure                 Mt View Mex 5.00 Sect
Lujan          Anastacio A             521 S Platinum                    14-Nov-46 66y 5m 13d  Cardiac Failure                 Mt View Mex 5.00 Sect
Francis        Leonard Cecil           423 E Railroad                     1-Dec-46 62y 7m 10d  Cerebral Hemorrhage             Roseville CA
Reade          Federico K              Deming Hosp                        2-Dec-46 65y 10m 28d                                 Mt View lot 13 row U Link Sect
Chester        Joseph A                Yuma AZ                            6-Dec-46 59y 7m 10d  Congestive Heart Failure        Mt View WOW
Goode          Alma Elizabeth Teel     San Lorenzo NM                    11-Dec-46 80y 1m 28d  Pneumonia
Thomas         Mary Jane               1300 S Gold                       24-Dec-46  75y 9m 21  Carcinoma Uterus & ovaries      Mt View lot 13 res 14 blk 2 Howe
Hidalgo        Ramondo                 Casket only                                                                             Palomas MX
Gibson         John Jesse              Deming Hosp                       22-Jan-47 77y 7m 22d  Uremia                          Mt View lot - 2 blk 4 Howe Sec
Parker         Robert Emory            4mil E of Hermanos                22-Jan-47  33y 3m 4d  Fell from moving train          Mt View lot 5 row A Norton Sect
Darland        Tracy Dewight           114 S Gold                        27-Jan-47 61y 9m 17d  Gen Peritonitis Ruptured GastricMt View Beamer Plot
Holderby       Susie Alice             112 N Zinc                         7-Feb-47 62y 9m 14d  Coronary Thrombosis             Mt View lot 3 blk FH
Moore          Arthur Hale             Deming Hosp                       19-Feb-47 34y 9m 24d  Acute Nephritis Acute MyocarditiPhoenix AZ
Davis          Preston Irving          320 E Cedar                       22-Feb-47 67y 11m 8d  Chronic Alcoholism & senility   Mt View KP Sect
Tierney        John E                  Star Rt 1 Deming                  19-Mar-47 46y 5m 19d  Pulmonary Hemorrhage Pul TB     Mt View lot 8 blk 7 Howe Sect
McDermott      Mary M                  Deming Hosp                       20-Mar-47     80y     Senility Arterio Sclerosis      Mt View lot 4 blk 4 Howe Sect
Hervol         John Henry Jr           Douglas AZ                        25-Mar-47   15m 26d   Croupus Pneumonia               Mt View lot 13 blk 3 McCoy Sect
McDaniels      Mary Matilda            1mil NE of Dg                     16-Apr-47 74y 11m 13d Carcinoma Gastric type          Mt View lot 7 blk 7 Howe Sect
Montoya        Consuela Contreras      Albqu NM                           3-May-47 24y 8m 27d  Tuberculosis Menigitis          Mt View lot 1 blk 7 Howe Sect
Quintana       Francisco Juarez        6mil W of Hurley NM               17-May-47 21y 4m 24d  Auto Accident                   Mt View Mex 5.00 Sect
Voiers         Grover Cleveland        Deming Hosp                       23-May-47 60y 7m 21d  Pulmonary  edema Myocardial failMt View lot 11 blk 8 McCoy
Taylor         Maedell                 Hwy 80 20mil E of Dg              29-May-47             Auto Accident                   Wheeler Mortuary Deming
Davis          Luther R                Hwy 80 20mil E of Dg              29-May-47             Auto Accident                   Wiggins Miss
Taylor         La Verne                Hwy 80 20mil E of Dg              30-May-47             Auto Accident                   Wheeler Mortuary Deming
Palmer         Joseph Wheeler          611 W Elm                          5-Jun-47  77y 2m 5d  Coronary Thrombosis             Mt View row G Masonic Sect
Aragon         Ricarte G               Ft. Bayard NM                     11-Jun-47 54y 6m 24d  Acute liver                     Mt View lot 6 blk 7 Howe
Whittenberg    Clara Elizabeth         Rt 2 Box 2 Deming                 21-Jun-47 76y 2m 29d  Carcinoma of Stomach            Mt View lot 11 blk 1 Howe
Sapien         Fractuoso Jr            Deming Hosp                       26-Jun-47     4d      Hemorrhage into brain           Deming
Drummond       Raymond Dale            Deming Hosp                        7-Jul-47  6y 5m 28d  Tetanus Burn on right hand 220 wSilver City NM
Foster         Frances Barbara         312 S Zinc                         8-Jul-47   63y 3d    Cardio Vascularh disease        Mt View Poster Porter plot Masonic
Smith          Billy Don               Deming Hosp                       10-Jul-47  2y 4m 10d  Unclassified sore throat 2 weeks
Rascon                                 Casket only                                                                             Columbus NM
Dowdle         Nina Adair              Deming Ladies Hosp                27-Jul-47 71y 4m 21d  Left ventricular failure        Alamogordo NM
Snider         Wayne Leroy             Deming Hosp                       19-Aug-47             Still Born
Evans          Elmer                   Mills NM                          12-Sep-47 81y 10m 14d Gangrene                        Mt View blk IV Cooley Sect
Shields        Milton Dwane            15mil SW of Deming                18-Sep-47    5y 6m    2nd and 3rd degree burns        Mt View lot 8 blk 3 Howe Sect
Mobley         James Leroy             Los Angeles National Military Home24-Sep-47 74y 6m 21d  Broncho Pneumonia               Ft. Bayard NM
Schmalkake     Harry A                 23mil NE of Dg                       Sep-47   55y 10m   Undetermined                    Mt View lot 26 blk 12 Howe Sect
Moir           John G                  310 W Hemlock                     11-Oct-47  81y 4m 3d  Respiratory Paralysis           Mt View Masonic
Dabbs          Sarah Jane              Tin                               19-Oct-47 84y 8m 16d  Coronary Thrombosis             Roswell NM
Nordhaus       Frank Levison           120 N Iron                        20-Oct-47 69y 5m 21d  Chronic Myocarditis             Mt View WOW
Ruebush        Elbert L                Foreign Service Manchuria         14-Jan-43 20y 7m 26d  World War 2                     Mt View blk 10 Cooley Sect
Barragan       Rosario Gomez           413 S Diamond                     24-Oct-47   80y 14d   Senility                        Mt View Mex 5.00 Sect
King           Mary Judith             Hotel Dieu E Paso TX              29-Oct-47  3y 1m 4d   TB                              Mt View  lot 7 blk 5 Howe Sect
Aguilera       Santos                  Deming Hosp                        3-Nov-47     2d      Premature Birth                 Mt View Mex Baby Sect
Enciso         Maria Luz               Rt 2 Deming                        7-Nov-47  43y 9m 8d  Carcinoma of brain & heart      Mt View 5.00 Sect
Wallace        Wm                      Deming Hosp                        7-Nov-47  80y 3m 1d  Carcinoma of neck               Mt View lot 4 blk 5 Howe sect
Ward           Thomas Wilson           Columbus NM                       11-Nov-47   80y 24d   Natural Causes                  Mt View lot 32 row B McCoy
Jaramillo      Thomas Hernandez        Foreign Service                   15-Jan-45   19y 17d   World War 2                     Mt View lot 8 row 8 Norton
Robert         Boyd Wilson             P & S Hosp                        19-Nov-47  1y 11m 5d  Upper respiratory infection pneuLambert MT
Hicks          John Eugene             119 11th St                       22-Nov-47 61y 22m 15d Acute Glomerol Nephritis        Mt View lot 10 blk 1 Howe
Palomarez      Louisa                  Deming                            24-Nov-47    17hrs    Complete absence of brain area  Mt View Mex Baby Sect
McSherry       Thomas J                Prairie City OR                   24-Nov-47 59y 4m 20d                                  Mt View lot 5 blk 9 Howe
Renteria       Mrs Ascension           Casket only                                                                             Palomas MX
Aguilera       Petra Flores            800 E Maple                       10-Dec-47  35y 2m 1d  Acute Miliary TB                Mt View Mex 5.00 Sect
Padgett        Virgil Nelson           Deming                            11-Dec-47 50y 7m 15d  Acute Alcoholism                Hachita NM
Enciso         Celso Rivera            Deming                            22-Dec-47 83y 8m 16d  Chronic Valvularheart dis       Mt View Mex 5.00 Sect
Sloss          Eldon B                 Albqu NM                          25-Dec-47 55y 6m 11d  Chronic Pulmonary TB            Mt View blk EY McKenna Sect
Cox            Wm Franklin             213 W Spruce                      28-Dec-47 55y 4m 20d  Coronary Heart Disease          Springfield MO
Carter         Charles Andrew          Columbus NM                       29-Dec-47 54y 2m 20s  Carcinoma of Stomach            Hachita NM
Bryant         Kimzzie Edward          P & S Hosp                        31-Dec-47 9y 10m 21d  Gen Peritonitis ruptured appendiMt View lot 34 row E Link Baby sect
Braden         Clark Stephen           Deming                             1-Jan-48  56y 6m 9d  Coronary Thrombosis             Mt View Masonic
Parker         Barney                  Casket only                        2-Jan-48     75y     Cancer of Bladder               Hachita NM
Birchfield     Mary Jane Hendra        Los Angeles CA                     7-Jan-48  84y 4m 7d  Hypostatic Pneu                 Mt View l