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Index to the Corona Maverick
Jan. 13, 1922-Aug. 17, 1923

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This index was compiled by Brett Carnell from microfilm of the Corona Maverick held at the University of New Mexico. The microfilm was made from paper copies of the newspaper held at the Lincoln County courthouse in Carrizozo. Only local stories and advertisements were indexed. Syndicated material printed in the newspaper, but not produced locally, was not indexed. For geographic locations within the United States, the entry is first under the name of the state, then by town or city. You may view Brett's web page here. There are a number of issues missing. The issues that are included for 1922 are January 13 through 27, April 28 through May 19, August 11 through November 17, December 8 and December 29. The issues that are included for 1923 include January 5 through March 30, April 13 through June 15, July 20 through July 27, and August 17.
The microfilm is held at the University of New Mexico, New Mexico State University, the Museum of New Mexico, and at the Lincoln County Courthouse. 

Index A

A Deal in Ducks - (5/12/22) school play performed 5/19/22

Abbott, Bob - (10/27/22) in Corona from the mines

Abou Hotel - (3/23/23) fire destroyed the Abou Hotel in Vaughn, killing three Mexican men

Accidents - see Illnesses and Automobile accidents

Adams, B. F., Mrs.
- (10/6/22) arrived from Bloomfield, CN to spend the winter
- (5/11/23) fell and injured herself

Adams, Charlie A. - (4/28/22, 5/5/22) witness for John T. Kimmens homestead

Adams, John - (5/25/23) Lottie Eaton was injured when the team she was driving ran away. Mrs. Earl Eaton sustained minor injures. The girl was taken to the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Adams and was attended by Dr. Wilson, she is still unconscious

Adams, John, Mrs. - (1/26/23) back from Hollis, Oklahoma

Adams, M. C. - (9/1/22) and C.O. Bass of Pauls Valley, OK looking for land

Adams, Thomas W. - (7/27/23) of Mountainair, witness for Riley E. Reynolds homestead

African Americans - (6/1/23) "Three wagon loads of negroes passed through Corona Friday en route from Oklahoma to El Paso, Texas. Negroes being about as scarce as the proverbial hens teeth in this section of New Mexico the little cavalcade attracted quite a bit of attention."

Aguilar, Jose P.
- (4/28/22) homestead originally filed 12/8/20, notice, witnessed by Montioz Alarid, Pantolion Romero, Crues  Alarid, and Arthur J. Hipp

- (5/5/22) homestead originally filed 12/8/20, notice, witnessed by Matioz Alarid, Pantolion Romero, Crues Alarid, and Arthur J. Hip

- (8/18/22) a plane from Vaughn was giving 10 minute plane rides for $5
- (8/25/22) Captain Thompson, aviator, giving plane rides at Duran
- (8/25/22) barbecue at Cedarvale with airplane rides available
- (1/5/23) Ashley Pond and a friend flew their airplane to Corona from Santa Fe

Alabama - Mobile - (2/16/23) A.G. Stribling moved to Mobile

- (8/18/22) cattle buyer Lee Purdee from Alamogordo bought 100 calves from H. L. Hancock
- (8/25/22) Mrs. J. M. Rissell with daughter Ruth went to Alamogordo to visit Mr. and Mrs. Owen Sloan
(10/20/22) J.H. Mims, local forest ranger mapping with S. Strickland of Alamogordo and W. H. Woods of High Rolls
- (11/24/22) Mrs. D.H. Henry with children moved to Alamogordo where she will work at Alamo State Bank
- (1/12/23) Mrs. B.N. Long of Alamogordo, formerly of Torrance, resubscribed to the Maverick
- (1/19/23) Mrs. O.M. Downing and her daughter Mildred visited Corona from Alamogordo
- (1/19/23) R.H. Harper of Cedarvale went to Alamogordo
- (2/2/23) B.N. Long of Alamogordo visted Corona
- (3/16/23) LaFavers and Smelcher sentenced to hang for slaying of Sheriff Rutherford of Alamogordo, they passed through Corona on way to Santa Fe
- (4/13/23) George Goodson of Alamogordo in Corona working on extra EP&SW Railroad crew
- (5/25/23) O.M. Downing went to Alamogordo to visit his new grandson. His daughter, Mrs. Leo Smith had twins, a boy and girl, but the girl died
- (6/1/23) Don Downing left for Alamogordo after visiting his father O.M. Downing
- (6/15/23) Don Downing of Alamogordo was in Corona

Alarid, Crues - (4/28/22, 5/5/22) witness to Jose P. Aguilar homestead

Alarid, Matioz - (4/28/22, 5/5/22) of Mountainair, witness for Jose P. Aguilar homestead

- (1/27/22) George Goodman in Corona from Albuquerque
- (1/27/22) P.T. Neff in Corona from Albuquerque
- (4/28/22) Mrs. J.F. Jeffries stayed a month in Albuquerque
- (8/25/22) E.L. Moulton visiting Corona from Albuquerque

- (8/25/22) Charlie Coates of Cedarvale back from Albuquerque
- (9/15/22) Norris Jeffreys went to Albuquerque to look for work
- (10/6/22) E.L. Moulton of Albuquerque visited Corona
- (10/27/22) R.C. Stevens went to Albuquerque
- (12/1/22) Cedarvale school out for a week while the teachers are in Albuquerque
- (12/8/22) Ruby Hylbert and Otho Fox attended New Mexico Educational Association in Albuquerque
- (1/5/23) T. M. Dubois and wife and baby Warren went to Santa Fe and Albuquerque in their new Buick Sedan
- (1/19/23) Mr. and Mrs. Auston Hooper of Cedarvale went to Albuquerque where Mr. Hooper is employed
- (2/23/23) Clayton Fox back from Albuquerque
- (4/13/23) Dr. R.R. Davis went to Albuquerque and Santa Fe
- (4/27/23) Assistant Forester L.F. Kneipp of Washington, D.C., was in Corona Thursday and Friday with Assistant District Forester J.B. Jones and Deputy Supervisor J.C. Nave of Albuquerque inspecting timberlands northwest of town with a view to opening it to homesteaders. Mr. Kneipp stated tracts inspected would be thrown out of the forest at an early date
- (5/4/23) Margarita Saracino married Dorote Lucero in Albuquerque. Grooms parents are Mr. and Mrs. Jose B. Lucero of Corona
- (5/18/23) Clayton Fox of Albuquerque is in Corona for the summer
- (5/25/23) Ruby Hester left for Albuquerque
- (6/1/23) Ella Melton back from Albuquerque where she was visiting Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Rowland; Lottie Eaton recovered and is off to school in Albuquerque; Pablo Chavez of Albuquerque looking after R.R. Davis property which was awarded him by court order; E.W. House and Mr. Barre drove to Albuquerque

- (2/23/23) Editorial: The Gun Toter - He's a menace to any community and almost invariably a coward. There is a law against carrying a six shooter in New Mexico, but in this particular section of the state no attention is paid to it. Quite a few of our "brave" young Americans in this locality seem to be of the opinion that they are real men when they attend local dances with a six shooter in one hip pocket and a bottle of "nubbin juice" in the other. About the best and quickest way of changing their opinions would be the prompt application of as heavy a fine as the law allows on each and every gun toter brought before the courts and our city officials should be charged to round up the offenders, regardless of rank or station.
- (3/23/23) car wreck on Tuesday due to chase of one car by another to get alcohol

Aldez, Paulino - (9/1/22) Republican candidate for Lincoln County Commissioner, District 1

Alirez, Lorenzo - (4/27/23) married Juana Garcia at Gallinas

Alvarez, Manuel - (3/30/23, 4/13/23, 4/20/23, 4/27/23, 5/4/23, 5/11/23) of Roswell, witness for Marvin H. Edwards homestead at Roswell

Anallo, Frank - (12/8/22) Alfredo Fresquez, "Mexican ex-serviceman," was beaten to death with stones in fight at dance in Arabella. Frank & Jose Anallo, Frank Trujillo, and Meliton Sena have been jailed

Anallo, Jose - (12/8/22) Alfredo Fresquez, "Mexican ex-serviceman," was beaten to death with stones in fight at dance in Arabella. Frank & Jose Anallo, Frank Trujillo, and Meliton Sena have been jailed

- (1/2/7/22) J.M. Frame of Ancho in Corona
- (4/28/22) homestead for Cornelius M. N. Jennings; J.M. Frame of Ancho visited Corona
- (5/5/22, 5/12/22, 5/1/9/22) Cornelius M. N. Jennings notice of homestead
- (5/12/22) Corona baseball team played Luna at Ancho
- (8/25/22) Evelyn Sloan back from Ancho where she visited Mrs. Brack Sloan
- (9/15/22) Mrs. P. H. Kersey visiting from Ancho where she teaches
- (9/22/22) Corona team beat Ancho at baseball
- (10/13/22) Pete Frame and Ira Boydston of Ancho, visiting in Corona; Paul Frame and wife of Texas visited Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Frame of Ancho
- (11/3/22) Georgie Slover is teacher at Ancho
- (12/29/22) Mrs. P.H. Kersey principal of Ancho school spent holiday in Corona with her parents
- (4/13/23) Pete Frame of Ancho constructed and installed a radio phone in the home of Bert Penix, can listen to Fort Worth and Kansas City
- (5/18/23) Corona held its school commencement exercises, six pupils were promoted from eighth grade to high school, diplomas went to Evelyn Sloan, Zanta DuBois, Thelma Richards, Grady Doty, Ella Melton, and
Faye Roper. Principal Carson presented the diplomas. Also, diplomas were handed to three students from Gallinas and one from Ancho.
- (6/15/23) Minnie Cobb homestead at Ancho originally filed 7/8/18, notice, witnessed by George J. Weisher of
Jicarilla, Oran M. Downing of Corona, Wayne A. Johnson of Ancho, and John E. Hall of Ancho Anderson, Syle G., Mrs. - (9/1/22) delegate to the Democratic State Convention

Anderson, Theodore A.
- (3/9/23) and wife of Chicago have a homestead in Gillo Canyon. Mrs. Anderson is the sister of Ivar and Harry Ryberg
- (6/8/23, 6/15/23, 7/20/23) homestead originally filed 1/30/20, notice, witnessed by Harvey Armstrong, George W. Ditts, Travis Brown, and Roy Owen

Andrews, Albert P.
- (2/16/23) Mr. and Mrs. A.T. Ballard and Truett, Annie Bess Stephens, and Albert Andrews went to Vaughn
- (3/23/23) Albert P. Andrews of Capitan married Annie Bess Stevens of Corona at Cedarvale, Rev. Graham
of Cedarvale officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Ballard and son Truett were only guests. Bride's mother was in from Brownfield, Texas
- (5/25/23) and wife of Capitan visited her sister, Mrs. A. T. Ballard

Angel, George - (12/29/22) and sister visiting Corona from Mosquero

Angel, J. H.
- (5/12/22) weds Emma J. Daniels in Carrizozo
- (10/13/22) grew beans 16 pods to a stock
- (12/29/22) killed himself by taking strychnine at age of 63, buried at Corona, W. H. Weatherby officiating

Angel, J. H., Mrs. (Emma J. Thompson)
- (9/1/22) visited by son Jasper Thompson and his family from Fort Stockton, TX
- (10/13/22, 10/20/22, 10/27/22, 11/3/22, 11/17/22) homestead originally filed 1/23/19, notice, witnessed by James F. Butler, Elbert L. Jarnigan, C.H. Graham, and William A. McClelen
- (1/5/23) thanks Corona for kindness during her bereavement
- (1/26/23) ill

Angel, James P. - (1/20/22) (1/27/22) homestead originally filed 3/13/20, notice, witnessed by Tom Jones, Floyd L. Snodgrass, Barney McClure and James A. Brown

Anglin, Floyd - (7/27/23) of Mountainair, witness for Riley E. Reynolds homestead

Angus school - (1/27/22) purchased basketball and volleyball; will perform play "A Brave Tom Boy"

Anniversaries - (1/19/23) Zeb Owens and Henrietta Johnson Owens celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1916

Arabella - (12/8/22) Alfredo Fresquez, "Mexican ex-serviceman," was beaten to death with stones in fight at dance in Arabella. Frank & Jose Anallo, Frank Trujillo, and Meliton Sena have been jailed

Argenbright (Mrs.) - (1/20/22) teacher at Corona school accompanied basketball team to Mountainair

Argenbright Loda L.
- (8/11/22, 8/18/22, 8/25/22) witness for Andrew N. Golden homestead
- (9/15/22) helped make road improvements
- (1/12/23) elected Constable (25 votes cast)
- (2/16/23) Earl Eaton and Faye Roper express their thanks, especially to Lode Argenbright and John Imhoff
- (3/30/23, 4/13/23, 4/20/23, 4/27/23, 5/4/23, 5/11/23, 6/1/23, 6/8/23, 6/15/23) witness for Daniel J. Embry homestead

- (3/30/23) Dexter Killingsworth is ill with dropsy. His father William Killingsworth has been called from Arizona
- (5/18/23) G.W. Miller back to Corona after eight months in Texas and Arizona
- (5/25/23) Mrs. A.T. Ballard was visited by her sister Mrs. John Kranniwitter from Arizona

- Douglas - (12/8/22) A. B. Scoggins returned from Douglas, Arizona, where he had gone with a load of cattle

- Duncan - (12/29/22) Richard Killingsworth from Duncan, AZ in Corona visiting his parents

- Phoenix - (5/5/22) A.J. Atkinson returned from Phoenix because his wife is sick

- Springerville - (4/28/22) Ina Berry returned from Springerville, AZ, where she was teaching

Armstrong, Frank H. - (3/30/23, 4/13/23, 4/20/23, 4/27/23, 5/4/23, 5/11/23, 5/18/23, 5/25/23) witness for John M. Shelton homestead

Armstrong, Harvey - (3/30/23, 4/13/23, 4/20/23, 4/27/23, 5/4/23, 5/11/23, 5/18/23, 5/25/23) witness for Henry B. Durfee homestead
- (6/8/23, 6/15/23, 7/20/23)witness for Theodore A. Anderson homestead

Armstrong, Steven F. - (9/22/22, 9/29/22, 10/6/22, 10/13/22, 10/20/22) homestead originally filed 11/13/19, notice, witnessed by George W. Latta, Roy Owens, P.S. Holcomb, and Frank Hodge

Armstrong, William M. - (4/28/22) homestead originally filed 1/31/19, notice, witnessed by Roy Owens, George Latta, Frank Hodge, and Hans B. Green

Armstrong, Willis - (4/28/22) witness for Mary Ella Melton Owens homestead

Army surplus - A. G. Stribling and Latta Brothers both advertised as proprietors of Corona Pool Hall in Jan.
1922. Stribling began advertising again in Oct. until he sold to Roland Sloan, who advertised beginning Jan.
1923. Beginning in Oct. 1922 the pool hall also sold army surplus goods.

Arnold, Dorothy
- (5/19/22) member of Junior Christian Endeavor
- (12/1/22) performed a reading in Thanksgiving program
- (5/11/23) Maverick published her 7th grade essay "The Pioneer Farmer"
- (6/8/23) president of Little Stars Sunday School

Arnold, Mildred
- (5/5/22) on 5th grade school honor roll
- (5/19/22) member of Junior Christian Endeavor; performed with Sunbeam Band
- (12/1/22) performed reading in Thanksgiving program

Arnold, P. H.
- (4/27/23) and wife express thanks for condolences at the death of Jonathon E. Ogden
- (5/11/23) and Dr. Davis went to Texas

Arnold, P. H., Mrs. - (4/27/23) Jonathan E. Ogden died at 1:10 at the home of his daughter Mrs. P.H. Arnold at age 83 years, 2 months, and 19 days. His wife, two sons and daughter were at his bedside. Was in bed for over 3 years. Funeral is at 4 on Sunday. He had previously served in the Army.

Arnold, Vernon - (5/19/22) performed with Sunbeam Band

Arthur, O. Fred - (4/27/23) Lincoln Forest supervisor O. Fred Arthur was in Corona with Gallinas ranger J.H. Mims surveying the Gallinas Mountain reserve

Ashe, A. H., Mrs. - (8/18/22) went to El Paso

Atchison, Claude H.
- (3/30/23, 4/13/23, 4/20/23, 4/27/23, 5/4/23) homestead originally filed 2/1/22, notice, witnessed by George Simpson, Charles W. Wade, and Homer Stuart
- (4/13/23) back from Hindes, Texas
- (5/18/23) went to Hindes, Texas, where his parents are sick

Atkinson, Alice - (12/1/22) performed piano duet with Mrs. Frank Standhardt in Thanksgiving program

Atkinson, Alonzo J.
- (1/13/22) homestead originally filed 1/25/19, notice, witnessed by Frank Sultemeier, William H. Sultemeier, Jesus Flores, and Charley Wade
- (5/5/22) returned from Phoenix because his wife is sick
- (5/19/22) selling 160 acres of improved land
- (9/1/22) delegate to Democratic County Convention
- (10/6/22) proponent of new road to Cedarvale
- (11/24/22) in Carrizozo attending court

Atkinson, Claude H. - (5/4/23) went to Vaughn with Mr. and Mrs. George Simpson and Mrs. J.M. Atkinson

Atkinson, Dorward - (6/15/23) expected home

Atkinson, Edna - (12/1/22) performed with girls chorus in Thanksgiving program

Atkinson, Fred - (6/15/23) and wife were visited by his sister, Mrs. Harry Hardgraves, and her children from

Atkinson, Fred, Mrs. - (6/15/23) visited for two weeks by her sister Mrs. W. C. Treat

Atkinson, J. M. - (3/16/23) renewed subscription to the Maverick

Atkinson, J. M., Mrs.
- (12/29/22) entertained
- (9/1/22) delegate to Democratic County Convention
- (5/4/23) went to Vaughn with Mr. and Mrs. George Simpson and Claude H. Atkinson

Atkinson, Jess
- (1/13/22) and wife picnicked with Mr. & Mrs. Dishman, Jess & Mrs. Atkinson, Barre Fox, Irwin Goodreau, Gumm Mellon, Harold Barre, Mrs. Kersey, Mrs. Short, Mae Hester, Josephine Clements, and Zelphia Dishman
- (4/27/23) in band with Earl Ott, Dan Simpson, and Charlie Claunch

Atkinson, Marshall D.
- (10/20/22) broke leg when horse fell on him
- (10/27/22) resigned from school board
- (11/3/22) school meeting to replace Marshall Atkinson postponed
- (12/8/22) was replaced by A.J. Imhoff on the Corona school board
- (2/23/23, 3/2/23) lost rim and lens of Paige car
- (3/16/23) and T. M. DuBois bought a Fordson tractor to use on their ranches
- (4/20/23)had dance at his ranch

Atkinson, Marshall D., Mrs. - (1/27/22) entertained

Atkinson, Mae
- (9/1/22) delegate to the Democratic State Convention
- (1/26/23) back from a three week stay with her grandparents in Roswell

Atkinson, Mrs. - (4/13/23) attended funeral of Mrs. M.P. Tompkinson at Cedarvale

Atkinson Simpson Garage - Advertised from Jan. 1922 through August 1923. Sometimes advertised as Atkinson Simpson Co.

Auctions - (6/8/23) Special Deputy, will sell A. P. Oliver's cow to satisfy judgement in favor of A.W. Shartzer at
stock corral at old well in northwest outskirts of Corona

- (4/28/22) Dance to be held on Saturday night
- (5/19/22) Universal picture "Wanted at Headquarters" shown at auditorium

Auriemma, Baron
- (9/15/22) noted Italian singer will perform in auditorium to benefit Red Cross
- (9/22/22) singer, concert raised $128.75 for Salvation Army

Automobile accidents
- (9/22/22) W.O. Garnett and Mr. Lenon injured in a car accident south of Gallinas
- (3/9/23) L. Simms of Duran, Water System Department worker for EP&SW Railroad, was killed when his car collided with a train in blinding snow at Indiole, 2 miles east of Duran
- (3/23/23) car wreck on Tuesday due to chase of one car by another to get alcohol

Automobile equipment - (5/19/22) W.A. McClelen selling Milburn Inner Tubes

- (1/20/22, 1/27/22) Western Garage at Carrizozo, advertised Fords
- (1/20/22) basketball team had car troubles going to game in Mountainair
- (4/28/22) Burl Sears of Capitan demonstrating Essex Coach; E. C. Martin and G. L. Fox salesmen for Milburn Puncture Proof Inner Tubes
- Sears Brothers of Capitan advertised in each issue after May 5, 1922
- (10/27/22) P.H. Kersey got a new Chevrolet

- (11/3/22) Burl Sears of Sears Brothers Garage of Capitan was in Corona
- (11/17/22) A.W. Varneys Essex touring car damaged by fire
- (11/24/22) C.W. Wade and sheriff Ed Harris captured a Buick containing Mexican liquor at Torrance, the driver escaped
- (12/8/22) All cars coming from the south stopped to search for illegal alcohol
- (1/5/23) T. M. Dubois and wife and baby Warren went to Santa Fe and Albuquerque in their new Buick Sedan; Corbin Hester awarded new contract to transport school children from Torrance and Varney to Corona in his new Ford truck
- (1/19/23) August Hardcastle and family of Gallo Canyon motored to Epris Saturday with Jack Davidson and family; Roy Owen of Gallo Canyon purchased a new Flivver
- (2/2/23) Burl Sears, Essex and Chevrolet dealer from Capitan in Corona
- (2/9/23) Principal Carson of Corona school bought a Chevrolet coupe; W.J. McAdams bought a Nash from Sears Brothers in Capitan
- (2/16/23) Hollis Smelcher, alias Buck Smelcher, and W.G. Lafaver, alias Bill Morris, of Amarillo were arrested Tuesday 45 miles east of Corona by A.S. McCamant and Jack Chancey after they and an 18 year old girl stole 2 saddles from Graciano Yriart. They were brought to Corona for an examining trial before Justice of the Peace W.G. Chancey, who bound them over to await trial. McCamant and Yriart were taking the unbound prisoners to Carrizozo in a Ford car. 15 miles from Carrizozo the prisoners overpowered McCamant and Yriart and took their guns and car. They drove to Alamogordo where they shot sheriff W.L. Rutherford at a gas station. They ran out of gas at White Sands and were apprehended in Oro Grande after injuring Sheriff Bradford of Alamogordo
- (2/23/23) Dean Gumm bought new Ford Roadster and went to Carrizozo to see his mother; and 3/2/23, Marshall Atkinson lost rim and lens of Paige car
- (3/2/23) Deputy Sheriff Roland Sloan tried to arrest a bootlegger at Dad Jolly's Restaurant, but the bootlegger got away in a Hudson automobile. Sloan caught the train and apprehended the car, but not the bootlegger, in Duran. He and Deputy Chancey drove the car to Carrizozo
- (3/9/23) a solid trainload of automobiles passed through Corona on the way to California; Cedarvale school trucks are breaking down
- (3/16/23) Bert Penix bought new Essex touring car
- (3/23/23) Wilbur Dishman purchased a new Buick touring car
- (3/30/23) Burl Sears of Capitan sold several cars in Corona in the past month
- (4/27/23) Joe Myers, owner of Eureka Garage in Cedarvale, was in Corona
- (5/18/23) Hark Colbaugh has new Ford touring car
- (6/15/23) Al Lucas of Vaughn Auto Co. was in Corona

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