SILVER CITY, NEW MEXICO  72,012 Names, 75 Cemeteries and Death Records
People who have died and/or are buried in Grant County
An Index
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Aanaya Refugillo
to Aguilar Santiago
Aguilar Unnamed
to Allison Rafaela
Allison Rafaela
to Anderson Margaret 
Anderson Margaret
to Armigo Mary
Armija Juan
to Avery Hazel
Avery Helen
to Banning William
Bannon James
to Bassett Bertha
Bassett Bertha
to Bencomo Bentura
Bencomo Carolos
to Blake (Baby)
Blake (Baby)
to Bradberry James
Bradberry Levi
to Brownlee Maria
Brownlee Marie
to Byers Thomas
Byington David
to Carbajal Leandro
Carbajal Leandro
to Carvenor Juliun
Alfred Carver
to Chacon Saturnino
Chacon Saturnino
to Chavira Bernardo
Chavira Conrado
to Cobb Arad
Cobb Carl
to Cooper Oliver
Cooper Oliver
to Cordova Juanita
Cordova Juanita
to Craddock Marie
Crabtree Mandolyn
to Daly George
Daly George
to DeGeorge Helen
Deghetto Emillee
to Dickerson Jeffery
Dickerson Allen
to Door Gynithe
Door May
to Eakin Champ
Eakin Douglas
to Entzminger Wolford
Entzminger Wilfred
to Facio Leopoldo
Facio Mersie
to Fleming Frank
Fleming Gordon
to Foster Billie
Foster Byrant
to Galindo Margarita
Galindo Pablo
to Garcia Gilbert
Garcia Gilbert
to Gattis Ola
Gattis Sudie
to Gomez Beatriz
Gomez Brandon
to Gonzalez Lino
Hartley Eduardrdo
to Hernandez Canderlerio
Gonzales Lino
to Grado Nestora
Grado Nestora
to Griswold Robert
Grizzle J. C.
to Hagist Louis
Hagno Carmen
to Hartley Perrin
Hernandez Catalina
to Hicks Robert
Hicks Rosa
to Holguin Matilda
Holquin Matilda
to Howard Helen
Howard Herman
to Inis Rob
Ipsaro Joseph
to Jaurequi Avelina
Jaurequi Cruz
to Jones Baby
Jones A. W.
to Kelsey Allice
Kelsey Harold
to Kopke Helen
Koppe Nugent
to Lazano Francisco
Larzano Juana
to Lieder Paul
Lieva Epifanio
to Lopez Jesus
Lopez Jesusita
to Lucero Porfirio
Lucero Raul
to Madrid Epifanio
Madrid Epifanio
to Manley George
Mann Arthur
to Marsh John
Marshal Georgia
to Martinez Petra
MC Carty Vernon
to Martinez Phillip
Mc Caskill Joseph
to Mc Mullen Samuel
Mc Murdo Juanita
to Melendrez Victoriana
Melendrez Yesdero
to Miller Attie
Miller Barbara
to Monge Ygnacio
Miler Harley
to Monge Ygnacio 
Monger Dolan
to Moore Valentine
Moore Vigil
to  Morrow Wentford
Morse Irving
to Murry Leta
Murray lewis
to Nola Mack
Nolan Margaret
to Oliver George
Oliver Katie
to Ortiz Pedro
Otriz Pete
to Parcell Frank
Parea Ealeciana
to Peeler Hazel
Peler James
to Peru Feliciano
Peru Isidra
to Poindexter Troy
Polak Charles
to  Preciado Aurelia
Preito Jennie
to Redraza Refugio
Redwine Barbara
to Richmyer Dawn
Richter Adolph
to Roberts Lillie
Roberts Lillie
to Rodriquez Teresal 
Rodriguez Tereso
to Rothrock Elizabeth
Roth Howard
to Salaiz Modesto
Salaiz Mrs. Jose
to Sanchez Timoteo
Sanchez Toby
to Scholle Carl
Schollenberger Myrtle
to Seawright Clarence
Seay George
to Shanon Maria
Shantz Ben
to Sierra Robert
Sierra Rosa
to Smalding Alfred
Small Elizabeth
to Soto Carlos
Soto Colonia
to Stewart Joseph
Stewart Leroy
to Tafoya Ray
Tafoya Raymond
to Terry Willard 
Tertron Louis
to Torres Luz
Torres Macedonia
to Trujillo Jesusita
Trujillo John
to Unknown name
Unknown name
to Vapenik Josef
Vaquera Maria
to Villa Luz
Villa Manuel
to Waltman Goldie
Walton Charles 
to Westlake Oliver
Westley Lawrence
to Williamson Robert  
Williamson William
to Wright John
Wright Joshua
to Zych Andrew
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